Conference Of Terapanth Representatives In Delhi

Published: 22.09.2005
Updated: 24.01.2015

From 13-15th August 2005, a conference of 700 representatives from 200 Terapanth Sabhas took place in Delhi. The representatives had gathered there for their annual meeting and to discuss various subjects, as better flow of information. They will increasingly make use of the internet. Terapanth Mahasabha (big gathering) is the umbrella organisation of all Terapanth associations, which publishes an annual progress report of all Sabhas on their humanitarian activities.

H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna spoke on all three days; he said, that everyone has the capacity for any work, but a single person cannot do much, because in the world all is interrelated.

For being successful, one has to understand the rule of motion.

For any development, right direction, dedication, determination, and discipline are necessary; the biggest hurdle for the same is ego.

Yuvacharya Mahashraman is addressing the assembly.

Bhanwarlal Singhvi moderated the conference.

In presence of Acharyashree (left), Yuvacharyashree (second left), Muni Kishanlal (second right), and Mohjit Kumarji, the president of Mahasabha, Surendra Choraria, welcomes the representatives.

Prominent representatives from different parts of India had participated in the conference. First row, from left: Pramod Nahata, Kanhayalal Chhajer, Surendra Choraria, Ranjeet Kothari, Mangilal Sethia; second row, from left: Bahadur Sethia, Tarun Sethia, Hemraj Samsukha, Surendra Dugar, Mulchand Daga, Bhupendra Samsukha.

Sushil Bafana
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