Emil Bagirov In Berlin Again

Published: 28.04.2006
Updated: 12.11.2010

From 21st - 24th April.2006, Emil Bagirov again came to Berlin to meet his students.

This time again, Tatjana and Juri took care for the organisation of his stay in Berlin. They had arranged that Anton came for translation during the meeting with HereNow4U, thanks a lot.

Anton lives in Berlin and has fluent command on both languages, German and Russian.

It was the atmosphere, when old friends meet again after a couple of time.

Emil Bagirov gave his time for the meeting, although his courses were starting the same afternoon.

One year ago, we had met at the same location. In the meantime, he had travelled several thousands of kilometers, in the Russian Federation alone from Estonia to the eastern part of Ukraina. In November 2005, he had participated with 120 of his students in the 4th IPMC in Delhi, India.

His several thousand correspondent students are based in Europe, USA and Australia. The Moskow centre of his school provides all of them with the needed materials. Further, he personnally meets his students in regular intervals. The English version of his new book ‚Introduction To Cosmo-Energetic Healing' will be available probably in 2007.

The two most important projects of Emil Bagirov actually refer to the poles spirituality and science, giving orientation to his life since the years of his early adulthood. Together with a group of students he will undertake a pilgrim's trip to Mount Kailash, regarded as holy by many religions.

The scientific project is supported by the Russian Academy Of Sciences, Moscow. It is concerned with a scientific documentation on the results of effecting blood plasma by cosmo-energetiv healing.

Two post-graduated oncologists from Moscow are working on this documentation for their doctoral thesis. Emil Bagirov puts stress on this documentation for two reasons. On one hand, he holds the view that cosmo-energetic healing will become as important for 21st century medical care as anti-biotics were in the 20th century.

On the other hand, seriously suffering persons might get new perspectives by cosmo-energetic healing. With its support for example, chemotherapy could even be supplied successfully to persons suffering from cancer in the last state.

We wish him and his fellow pilgrims a very benefitting trip to Mount Kailash, being one of the most burdensome pilgrimages to the remote Tibetan highland. May all of you come back hale and sain.

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