First Meeting Of Jain Sadhvi And Senior Communist Leader In Kolkatta

Published: 28.11.2005
Updated: 09.11.2010

On 8th November 2005, Sadhvishree Kanchanprabhaji and senior communist leader Jyoti Basu, former chief minister of West-Bengal, met at Jyoti Basu’s residence at Salt Lake, Kolkatta. When Sadhvishree Kanchanprabhaji arrived at his residence, Jyoti Basu bowed down with regards.

For Jyoti Basu it was not only the first encounter with a Jain nun, but also with Jain philosophy and activities resulting therefrom. Sadhvishree gave informations on H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna’s Ahimsa Yatra, Surat Spiritual Declaration, FUREC, and on the President of India’s keen interest in it.

Jyoti Basu learned that Jain monks and nuns to propagate peace and ethical values in the society undertake Ahimsa Yatra for thousands of kilometres for five years. Peaceful coexistence with even the tiniest living being was brought near to him, when looking at Sadhvishree’s Rajoharan (broom) made of wool fibres. This symbol of Ahimsa is used by Sadhvishrees to softly touch the ground they are walking on, to avoid doing harm to tiny creatures crossing their way.

Another topic of discussion was Jeevan Vigyan. Sadhvishree Kanchanprabha handed its syllabus and some books over to Jyoti Basu. The wife of Jyoti Basu’s secretary runs a school where it is implemented. Jyoti Basu asked the lay followers accompanying Sadhvishree, to contact school authorities for wide spread implementation of this educational skill, developing not only the students’ intellectual capacities, but supporting sustainable value-based character development.

The politician was impressed by the ascetics indefatigable endeavours to spread Lord Mahavira’s teachings of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and social balance, and expressed his respect in regard of the simplicity of their lifestyle.

Source: Sushil K. Bafana, our correspondant from Kolkatta, India
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