Dimensional Views [ 00.01 ] Introduction

Published: 06.02.2006
Updated: 22.05.2008

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Find The Truth Yourself
Fear Nothing

A Short View on Life

Life has many realities to experience. According, there are many strategies to lead one's life. Most of them are based on the 2 aspects of this world, the

  1. spiritual
  2. material
  • mostly seen as antagonostic by monotheistic religions (spiritual view) and science (materialistic view).

Concerning the idea of the origin of the universe and our existence, both deal with the same idea in their world-view: There must have been something, as a reason, before all could have had a start.

  1. spiritual view:
    - Every materialisation is transformed from pure spirit.(creation by creator)
  2. materialistic view:
    - Every materialisation is transformed from pure energy (big bang theory)

Amazingly both views use something similar like pure spirit or pure energy as "preconditions" to get the idea of an universe of cause and effect and it's beginning.

  • Jainism has a different model of the universe, saying:
      • there is no beginning and no end, no need for a creator or a big bang
      • keep the balance between the spiritual and the material, both are part of our reality.

All ideas, all thoughts, all words, are related to reality only as models. Everything we use, if senses, speech or mind - all are translations under their special conditions.

Asking for the nature of reality, conditions seem to play an important role. If conditions are structuring our consciousness let us look out for a holistic set of structures which enables us to understand where we are in.


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