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Published: 24.06.2005
Updated: 13.01.2012

2000 – February – Taranagar, Rajasthan

  • In February 2000 was my first encounter with H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna. He asked me to spread the message of Jainism in Germany and to teach Preksha Meditation to German people.
    Since 1997, my husband and me were editors of HereNow4U online magazine in English and German language.
    Realising the facts that translation into German language always takes its time and that many educated people in Germany are able to read texts in English language, I asked Acharyashree if we could publish his writings in English language as well.
    He agreed. This was in February 2000 in Taranagar, Rajasthan.
  • Afterwards I went to Ladnun for copyright clearing reasons, to ask the publisher Jain Vishva Bharati Institute for permission.
    Dr. Ramjee Singh, then vice-chancellor of JVBI, said that the university is only the publisher of Acharyashree’s writings; the author himself is the owner of the rights. When he gives permission, no more permission is needed.
    His words were, “Acharyashree said so, and this is all you should consider. His words are law here. Do not worry for copyright; this is a spiritual issue and not a material one. But even while regarding it under worldly aspects, the author’s permission is the most important.”

I felt approved and on the path of law as this was in concordance with international copyright law we had studied for our business in Aparigraha’s company. All our business life we were respecting the laws and were NO CRIMINALS or PIRATES!!!

Returning to Taranagar, I informed Acharyashree on the result of my visit to Ladnun and asked once again if I had understood right that he wants me to publish his texts in English language as well, again he agreed.

2001 – February – Gangashahar, Rajasthan

  • In February 2001, both of us met Acharyashree in Gangashahar, Rajasthan. We arrived at the time of his daily morning lecture. He interrupted his lecture and presented us to the audience as those persons who will bring his writings to Germany. Further, he informed the public that we have come for deeper studies. Someone near to us translated his Hindi words into English language.

Acharyashree supported our formation by excellent Muni teachers. Muni Dulheraj instructed us in Jain philosophy and Muni Kishanlal in Preksha Meditation.

Acharyashree gifted us his book ‘Sambodhi’ for continuing deeper studies at home. He asked again to spread the message and translate his writings.

We told him that translation work will take much time and educated people in Germany and all European countries are able to follow his thoughts in English language, which is highly effective in reaching the people.

We asked with which book to start and Acharyashree replied, “It is your choice. Start with whatever you think is useful for your people.”

2003 – October - Surat, Gujarat

In October 2003, I participated in 2nd IPMC in Surat, Gujarat. I was invited to stay in Terapanth Bhawan after IPMC, for I wanted to extend my sojourn to be longer in the presence of Acharyashree. I felt the need for inspiration and guidance and was full of questions, how two persons, Aparigraha and I, could accomplish the huge task ‘to bring Jainism to Germany’...

One day, I suddenly got answers to all my unsaid questions; the answers flew into my mind like the questions. It happened when I was in front of Acharyashree in the morning; he was sitting in deep meditation. A flow of energy was inside me, and when looking up, I received a smiling glance of Acharyashree.

In the afternoon, I told him what had happened, that I got all the answers without words. He was giving lectures to a big group of Samanijis when I felt that I have to rush to him, I did not even know what to say when I started. After listening to the translation of my words of gratefulness, coming out a little like stammering (I was not used to such a situation and felt shy) he laughed heartily and said,” That is how it goes, without words, mere enlightening presence of Guru.”

Then I went back home, and after two months we started the project ‘HereNow4U-Edition 2’ to fulfil what we had understood as our mission instructed by Acharyashree.

By the way, my meticulously written report on 2nd IPMC which I was urged by Munishree Kumar Shraman to write, (“When will your report be finished?! Please write it as soon as possible.We want to publish it.” Coming home, I needed some time to devise it, and then mailed it to Preksha International.
It was surprisingly not published on their website, differing from what I have been told by him in Surat in a personal conversation,
No reply to my advertisement, no publication of my article.
And no other report at all was publicised. What a result.

When coming to Ladnun in 2005, Kumar Shraman told me that he had read my report.
Some days later, I asked why they did not publish it, he answered that he did not know that it was ready….
A communication problem?
See next chapter:

2005 – January – Ladnun, Rajasthan

We came to Ladnun

  • To show our new concept of HereNow4U Edition 2 and the results of our then 14 months labour on the subject of online publishing the message of Lord Mahavira with the barycentre on Terapanthi activities.
  • To participate in 3rd IPMC
  • To spend another 5 weeks on studies/private lessons with the munis, researches, interviews etc. published afterwards in our series:

When we met vice-chancellor Sudhamahi Regunathan, we showed our magazine to her and introduced the details of our first 10 days of daily publications from Acharyashree’s book ”Anekant -The Third Eye”.
She said she knows already from our newsletters very well what we are doing and in return showed us a presentation of her publications.

Acharyashree gave his blessings to our labour and encouraged us to continue, as did many of the Sangh.

Munishree Kumar Shraman surprised us with a second astounding statement, when he suggested we should stop our English publication and concentrate on German only. This left us speechless. But shortly after our return, we realised a new Terapanth website was launched by him in cooperation with Terapanth Media Information Centre:

18.7.2005 Munishree Kumar Shraman attached importance to the fact, that 'he did not launch a site and that this site was launched by terapanth media information centre and that there is no relation between the site and Muni Kumar Shraman.' He also 'did not intend to stop English Edition of HereNow4U, he is happy with it, but he needs more content in German section'..'this is some miss communication / understanding'...

We received this message via chat with Arpit Dugar and we can follow the view of misunderstanding/comunication lack with a deeper understanding. Micchami Dukkadam from both sides.

We added this site to our Glossary and information network and checked their buildin Netstat statistics. Everybody can do this with a click on the little graph in the down left corner.

8.7.2005 Oops - in the meantime
the Netstat button has been removed at

18.7.2005 Arpit is back from holidays and Nestat button is told to be back on site too.

Competition is a tool to measure efficiency.

When we started Edition 2 of HereNow4U in December 2003, we started with 10 pageviews per day, which was desperately low. But we continued the task.

Now 18 months later our average daily pageviews are at: 350
The 2005 pageviews summed up until today: 43.018

Anekant -The Third Eye, published during 192 days had a total of 2.163 pageviews in the first 6 months before it was stopped by copyright claims from side of:

HereNow4U is a mission site - free of material aspects.
All costs to run the site and the content are paid privately by the editors, who also spend their fulltime on this subject.
There is no lobby, no tax reducing sponsorships, no advertising, nothing but the living message:

Fear nothing!
Search The Truth Yourself!
Peace on Earth!

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