Editorial 2007-36

Published: 07.09.2007
Updated: 29.09.2020

Dear Reader

This week, the most moving events were related to Sadhvishree Anandshriji. First, we were surprised by the announcement that Sadhvishree Anandshriji had accepted Santhara, fast until death. Less later we got the news that already her soul had left the body.

We saw the photos, full of surprise how peacefully she looked, and how far away already from this world. It was clear that she had reached home, and that she had reached it in a way, only few people have the chance to.

This reminded our meeting in Surat in November 2006 to me. For 24 hours, we stayed in Surat, and we got the chance to meet three times with her during this short stay. During one meeting, Mahima Bokariya told me that Sadhvishree had suffered from breast cancer and undergone a surgery. In this moment, I knew that she would have to die rather soon, and I got a strong shake of fear. I looked up, directly into Sadhvishrees’ eyes. She smiled at me, calmed me, and without words expressed that she knew that her stay in this world would have reached its goal in the near future. But there was also the message in her eyes that she was prepared to it, and that there was no reason for fear. In this moment she became the living symbol of ‘Fear nothing’, and her eyes reflected all the love and compassion for life in all of its forms she had realised in her life.

And she then spoke to the gathering about our compassion and the work we are doing. She expressed this in a very touching way, so touching that our friends forgot to translate it for us. Only when we reported on our meeting her in Surat, they conveyed the meaning of her words to us.

There was not the slightest suffering in her eyes last year, only the awareness of our timely limits and the compassion for those who ignore theses facts of life. And there was encouragement, saying there is no reason for fear.

When I went through the books online this week, I came to a chapter from ‘Abstract Thinking’ by Acharya Mahaprajnaji. There he talks of the vibrations of fearlessness we can generate in our body. His disciple Sadhvi Anandshriji had realised this in her body, and when I think of her, I revive the courage I received from her when she admitted me through the look of her eyes to participate in this reality, and even, to create it in myself.

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Dear Reader,

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The Humane Society

New York Times, August 29, 2007 Trying To Connect The Dinner Plate To Climate Change[you have to open a free readers account]:

"PETA had written to more than 700 environmental groups, asking them to promote vegetarianism, and that it would soon distribute leaflets that highlight the impact of eating meat on global warming.

“You just cannot be a meat-eating environmentalist,”

said Mr. Prescott, whose group also plans to send billboard-toting trucks to the Colorado Convention Center in Denver when Mr. Gore lectures there on Oct. 2. The billboards will feature a cartoon image of Mr. Gore eating a drumstick next to the tagline:
“Too Chicken to GoVegetarian? Meat Is the No. 1 Cause of Global Warming."

Jain View:

Scientific facts:

  • The rise of CO2 is connected to sun activities. High activities raise temperatures and vice versa.

    All ups and downs in earth temperature during last million of years are followed by corresponding raise and fall of CO2 - but in a distance of 1.500 - 1.000 years - after the temperatur's movement.

    These facts and the data of the last centuries are no longer included in the 2007 studies on climate, which are ordered by politicians.

So it might be to consider it all as - (materialistic = profit/money making) - politics.

  • Also keep in mind
    • CO2 is a natural gas and nature is "naturally" balancing it's components globally.
    • One molekule COcomes with 99.999 other molecules of atmosphere.
    • Plants and coral reefs need it for existence. Water binds it...

How long will it take politics to move us into fear of CH4 (methane)? Huh! Millions of m3 are momentarily set free in the tundra, where permafrost left large areas and all the former frozen biomass starts processing...

So it is wise forever to live the moment and counterwave all negatives with the proofen tools of positiv thinking and anecantic view.

High spirits to all.

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