JVB London - Presentation Of Preksha Album In Leicester

Published: 09.03.2006
Updated: 15.02.2008

On 1st March 2006, an International Conference For South Asian Music took place in Leicester. The conference was titled 'Faith In Music'. Renowned musicians from various South Asian faiths presented their spiritual music there. JVB London used the opportunity to present the Preksha Album to an international audience. Samanijis Pratibha & Punya Pragya went to Leicester together with Pushpa Banthia, chairperson of JVB London's Women's Wing and one of the donors for the production of the 'Preksha- Path Of Peace' album. The album was well received by the international audience, and so was the fact that Preksha Meditation can bring about a change of conduct versus non-violence and peace of mind. JVB London had worked hard for the noble sake and was happy for the positive international response.

Samanis Pratibha (middle) and Punya Pragya (left), who had done the vocals of the album, handing over an album to Bhai Mohindr Singh from Sikkh faith Birminham, Gurudvara.

Samanis Pratibha (left) and Punya Pragya (second left) with Pushpa Banthia (third left), handing over albums to Pandit Jasraj (second right), contemporary master of North Indian music, and Dr. Atul Khare (right), director of Nehru Centre.

Pandit Jasraj followed the invitation to come to London next day for the launch of the album at the JVB Centre. With him came a group of Bhakti musicians, among them Pandit Jasraj's nephew, who spontaneously gave a thirty minutes concert in Bhakti music at the event.

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