JVB London - Report On Mahavir Jayanti Celebrations 2007 At JVB London

Published: 28.04.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012
Prasanna Pragya
Manan Pragya

On a warm beautiful Sunday, 15 April 2007 about 130 people gathered at JVB Centre in London to celebrate Lord Mahavir’s birthday in the auspicious presence of Samani Prasanna Pragyaji and Samani Manan Pragyaji. This Mahavir Janma Kalyanak event was jointly organised by Jain Vishva Bharati and Navyug Pragati Mandal.


After the recitation of Namaskar Mahamantra by the samanijis, Shree Mangilalji Baid welcomed the audience and gave a scholarly brief talk of Tirthankar Mahavir’s philosophy.


Mr Dinesh Shah, the compere for the event, said that it is written in Jain scriptures when a Tirthankar is born, Lord Indra comes to carry the Tirthankar to Mount Meru. There holy rituals are performed including an auspicious bathing ceremony of the Tirthankar and this is followed by a recitation of “Bruhat Shanti Stotra”. He then recited one stanza from the stotra, which gives a flavour of the celebrations on Mount Meru.


The audience were then treated to an enchanting prayer to Bhagwan Mahavir by the JVB Women’s Wing. Three young girls from JVB Children’s Sunday school gave a rendition of Namaskar Mahamantra as well as a song in English based on the values and principles of Jain religion. Master Sohum Shah also from JVB Children’s Sunday school equally delighted the crowd with his song, “A Whole New World”.


Afterwards I gave a talk on the need for the lay people to spread the word about Jain Vishva Bharati. I then performed a song based on the popular shloka “Mangalam Bhagwan Viro” which was well participated by the audience. Mr Punit Haria, a proficient tabla player, accompanied me.


Samani Manan Pragyaji sang a hymn in praise of Bhagwan Mahavir in her melodious voice.


In the true tradition of bhakti, Prafullaben, Sushillaben and Induben from Navyug Pragati Mangal mesmerised the audience with their devotional hymns in Hindi and Gujarati.They were assisted by Kalyanjibhai on tabla, Maheshbhai with hand beats and Kamlaben playing thumri.


Mrs Pushpaji Jain read a poem on the life of Tirthankar Mahavir, which she had composed herself.

Towards the end of the programme, Samani Prasanna Pragyaji gave her lecture on the theme of ritual versus spiritual. She emphasised that although ritual practice is good, but in the end it should act as a fuel for spiritual development. She suggested that we should aim to adopt fully at least one principle of Lord Mahavir’s philosophy each year. Samaniji also talked about the need for Jain unity. She suggested that starting from next year, the auspicious day of Lord Mahavir’s birthday should be celebrated jointly by all the Jain organisations in the United Kingdom.


A number of representatives of Jain organisations were also present and most of them gave short speeches. Those present included Dr Vinodbhai Kapashi (Mahavir Foundation), Dr Jayantibhai Shah (Navyug Pragati Mandal), Dr Harshadbhai Sanghrajka (Institute of Jainology), Smt Mohiniji Choraria (Akhil Bharatiya Terapanth Mahila Mandal), Shree Prem Jain (Jain Association), Shree Ramanbhai Shah (Bhakti Mandal) and Shree Manekji Choraria (Jain Vishva Bharati). The essence of all the speeches mirrored the words of Samani Prasanna Pragyaji, that unity at least for one day annually to celebrate Lord Mahavir’s birthday was essential.


After the programme refreshments were served and from the atmosphere it was clear that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event.

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