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Published: 29.03.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015
Prasanna Pragya

Samani Prasanna Pragyaji has started on Sunday, 11 th March 2007 the series of lectures on health based on Lord Mahavira's outlook thereof.

  • Her first lecture was titled “Who is ill? “
  • Second lecture on Sunday, 18 th March 2007, provided means for cure through Leshya Dhyan.

In a telephone interview, Samani Prasanna Pragyaji gave a summary on her lectures for HereNow4U readers.

Different from allopathic, naturopathic and ayurvedic medicine, Lord Mahavir said that the cause of the disease is disease itself. The emotions produced according to the patient's attitude towards life is the underlying cause of the disease. It is therefore necessary to cure the patient first and then the disease. This is achieved by curing the soul of the patient.

Modern science has developed imaging techniques which can show onset of any disease between 6 to 12 months before it affects the body.

Lord Mahavira's answer to the question ‘Who is ill?' is that those persons producing negative emotions are ill, as negative emotions result in bodily diseases like cancer, heart disease, ulcer and the like. First step for cure of the patient is to analyse the nature of emotions, as this helps to find out in which way a person might be affected and which method has to be applied.

In this regard, the attitude of a person towards any situation in his life is of greatest importance. Samani Prasanna Pragyaji has encountered many seriously afflicted Sadhvishrees who succeeded to stay in good mood in spite of serious diseases diagnosed on them. The following story throws a light on this:

One day, Epidemic met with someone and said:“ I am on my way to the town in front of us and will kill 500 people.” After some days, they met again. “I wonder how many lives you have taken?” the other said. Epidemic responded, “As I told you, 500.” The other replied,“ But I learned that 1500 people have died!” Epidemic explained, “I have taken 500 lives. The other 1000 people died because of the fear that they will also become victims.”

Therefore, it is important to realise the nature of emotions one produces and to turn negative into positive emotions to cure the disease.

Colour Meditation in the system of Preksha Meditation combined with perceptions of psychic colours is a means to change the base on which emotions are generated. In the system of Preksha Meditation, one step deals with the perception of psychic colours. In this practice, five centres combined with five colours are applied to influence the nature of emotions in the desired way. For example those suffering from depression, should concentrate on the centre of bliss near the heart and visualise bright green colour. Weak willpower can be strengthened by concentrating on the centre of intuition between the eyebrows while visualising bright orange colour. Anger, anxiety and nervousness can be controlled by concentrating on the centre of enlightenment situated on the middle of the forehead while visualising bright white colour and so on.

The alternative method of curing diseases can be achieved through colour therapy as follows:

It is said that sun has seven colours itself. These are: violet, indigo, blue, red, orange, yellow and green. We should also know the temperament of colours.

The violet, indigo and blue colours are cool and soothing. The red, orange and yellow colours are warm and exciting and green colour is the only colour that has normal medium effect. It is a blood purifier and harmoniser.

There is a great relation with life and sunrays. Where there is sunlight there is life. Without the light of sun, there is no life. In the absence of sunlight, our digestive system cannot work properly. This is one of the reasons for the ban on eating at night. Any pain in the body is felt more at night than during the day. Indigestion generally affects a person at night. The wind too displays its role at night.

On the other hand, different colours of sunlight and their elements are used to prepare medicines all over the world. In sunrays therapy, these colours are used directly in the preparation of medicines. These medicines are very cheap and easily available for anybody.


There are two methods for application of sunrays therapy:

  • Healing through colour radiations on the body

In this treatment, the patient places the required coloured transparent paper sheet on the required part of the body and then may sit or lie in the sun that the sunrays can fall on the paper. This should be done for 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Preparing medicines by absorption of coloured rays in materials

Materials like water, sugar, glycerine, oil or misri are suitable for being applied, generally water is used due to easy handling and availability. Take a cleaned and accordingly coloured bottle. If accordingly coloured bottle is not available, cover a clear bottle with accordingly coloured transparent paper sheet, it will also work. Then fill the bottle with fresh water, below the neck or ¾ of its capacity and seal it with a tight wooden cark. After filling and sealing, keep the bottle in any open space with direct exposure to the sunrays. Within 8 hours medicine is ready for use in emergency cases; ideally it should be kept for 3 days in the sun for 8 hours.
To achieve maximum results, green or blue bottles filled with materials mentioned above should be exposed to sunrays continuously for 7 days. Sugar or misri can be kept in coloured glass pots for at least 8 hours daily during 45 days. Dry medicines are more convenient to carry to distant places than bottles containing liquids.
In the same way blue, orange and red oils can be prepared. They also need to be exposed to sunrays for at least 8 hours a day for 45 days.

Green and orange coloured water, red coloured oil
  • Green Water

Cures typhoid, malaria, tonsils, sour throat, fever, eye diseases, stomach diseases, purifies the blood, and increases vigour. Regular intake of green water helps a lot for curing high blood pressure and palpitation. Further, it helps to provide spiritual calmness.
After 7 days green water can be used for eye diseases like sore eyes irritation, eye watering, dust effect, eye's redness, weak eye sight and first stage of cataract. For this treatment, drop green water into your eyes 3-4 times a day.

  • Orange water

Due to deficiency of this colour, kidney and bladder problems occur, and, most seriously, lower back problems. Orange water is helpful for cough problem, vocal cord paralysis, and rejuvenates red blood cells. After meals, it is helpful for digestion and gastric problems. Overall, to maintain best circulatory system, orange water is the best tonic.

For green and orange colours, bottles of beer and scotch brown can be used.

  • Red oil

Cures paralysis problem, pain due to cold and cough, push in ears, hard of hearing, problem of various pain, gout and arthritis, chronic diseases like coughing, asthma, pneumonia, joints pain, waist pain, and pain in the neck.

Blue radiated materials

  • Water

For any type of stomach infection, urinal problem, high blood pressure and good sound sleep.

  • Glycerine

For toothache, swelling of gums, skin diseases, pimples, boils, and eczema; can be used in emergency cases after 7 days.

  • Misri

Relieves tooth problems.

For blue colour, you can use the bottles of milk of magnesia or Vicks.

Benefits of
  • Coconut oil massage on scalp

Removes mental tension, body fatigue, pain in the body, skin brunt, heals wounds, ear ache, headache, fever problem and is good for sound sleep.

  • Mustard oil

Helpful in piles problem.

Samani Prasanna Pragyaji has mentioned that Acharya Mahaprajna has elaborated these subjects in minute details in the following books:

  • Lord Mahavira's Scripture Of Health, ch. 14
  • The Mirror of the Self, ch. 20; 21; 22; 23; 24; 25.

Informations on how to concentrate on psychic centres and where they are located:

  • Preksha Dhyana - Theory And Practice, ch. 04.06; 04.07; 04.09; 04.10; 04.11; 04.12; 04.16. (Online at HereNow4U).
  • Another useful publication in this regard is “ Surya Kiran Chikitsa ” by Mohanlal Kathotiya.

Samani Prasanna Pragyaji kindly revised and amended the article.
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