Paryushan 2005 @ JVB London (2) Evening Session At Sayer Centre

Published: 07.09.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015

The evening sessions at Sayer Centre always started with one hour of Pratikraman by Samani Punya Pragya (right) and Nina Choraria, head of JVB London's women's wing cultural committee. Most of Logus, Mantras, and prayers both recited, were given by heart. Nina Choraria is daughter in law of Sayer Choraria, whose name was chosen for the centre.

Then Samani Pratibha Pragya was starting her evening lectures, given in English language, with recitation of Bhavana. Her subjects covered a broad field, as from ‘Why eight days of Paryushan' to ‘Self-empowerment'. She drew a mental line from the eight types of Karma to the possibilities of dissolving them by spiritual efforts.

Samani Pratibha Pragya presented these students of JVB London's Sunday children's class to the audience. The children recited Mangal Patha (auspicious blessings) in Prakrit language properly to the amazed public.

After this, when lecture for adults was started, editor Karuna Jain (fourth left) from Berlin, Germany, took care of the children in a separate room. They discussed how children might observe some vows on Paryushan, as not to take chocolate for one day, to limit the number of items taken during the day, or even only once not to argue with siblings or elders. Editor Karuna Jain also narrated some stories from ‘The Call Of Dawn' by Acharya Mahaprajna and asked the children for their comments and reflections, what they did very nicely.

Like these three gentlemen, Shobhag Shah (left), Sampat Sethia (middle), and Manik Choraria (right), the whole audience highly enjoyed this wonderful spiritual evening program. Manik Choraria had given the location for JVB London's evening lectures this Paryushan. He is also chairperson of the renowned spiritual ‘Jain Spirit' magazine.

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