J.V.B.I.'s Vice-Chancellor Sudhamahi Regunathan Revoked Cooperation

Published: 14.06.2005
Updated: 13.01.2012

With great consternation and regret, we had to take cognisance that we have to stop and remove publication of Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji's beautiful writings in 'HereNow4U', 'Anekant - The Third Eye', 'Quest For Truth'.

J.V.B.I.'s vice-chancellor Sudhamahi Regunathan announced legal action for infringement of copyright otherwise.

The Facts:

  • From December 24th 2004 on, we started to publish ‘Anekant - The Third Eye’ in excerpts.
    Permission was asked by email.
    Courtesy was given to the publisher.
    Publication was emailed to publisher.
    Concept of spreading the message of Jainism, the teachings of Lord Mahavira, explained.
    No answer received.
  • January 15th 2005 we arrived in Ladnun for 3rd IMPC.
  • January 28th 2005 meeting with vice-chancellor Sudhamahi Regunathan, after her arrival from Delhi:
    Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [31] Interview with J.V.B.I.’s Vice-Chancellor
    After the official part of the interview, we talked about our work as editors of a non-commercial and non-profit magazine and added to our concept to promote the J.V.B.I. magazine 'U Can Change The World' as well.
  • In a following meeting in presence of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajnaji, cooperation was explicitly suggested by Acharyashree.
  • Before leaving, vice-chancellor Sudhamahi Regunathan presented a beautiful sculpture with the logo of J.V.B.I. to us as a sign of amity and cooperation.
  • After our 6 weeks in Ladnun, back to Berlin, 2 articles from 'U Can Change The World� were published in HereNow4U:
    • A Scientist Met A Saint - A Dialogue Between Acharya Mahaprajna And The Indian President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
    • Rev. Valsan Thampu, Mata Ji, Muni Mahendra Kumar On Better Understanding Of Science And Spirituality

      In advance, publisher was informed and asked for statement by mail; weekly information by Newsletter after publication.
      We asked for additional ideas / response / critics to widen our cooperation etc�
      No answer, no comments, no reaction at all.
  • May 21st 2005 we started to publish excerpts from �The Quest For Truth � In The Context of Anekanta�
    Publisher was informed.
    Weekly Newsletter was sent to publisher.
  • May 24th we received a first response.
    No answer indeed, but surprisingly a dislike statement to our publishing activities.
  • May 24th we replied by mail to clear the subject.
    No answer.
  • June 13th we received mail to stop:

Subject: Re: your mail sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 5:17 AM Dear Mr and Ms Geerdes

I am shocked to see that in spite of my requests to you to stop putting passages/ excerpts from our books/journals on your website, you continue to do so. I have discussed the matter with Acharyashree also and he agrees with me that nobody can put anything on their website without our permission. The copyright rests with the University and anybody else�s permission is of no relevance.
If within forty eight hours the material is not removed from your website, we will be forced to take legal action for infringement of copyright.

Vice Chancellor
J.V.B.I., deemed University
No, obviously we had no permission.
We thought we had. We excuse for the mistake to take the spirit for real and to have neglected material contract. As the �Moody Blues� said, it is all "A Question of Balance" MICHHAMI DUKKADAM! email:
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