Prenatal Service By JVB London

Published: 26.09.2005
Updated: 15.02.2008

JVB London offers special appointments to expectant parents for prenatal care. During the period of pregnancy, Samanijis Pratibha & Punya Pragya are teaching Mantras to the parents-to-be and their awaited new family member once a week. The Mantras generate vibrations of peace and joy inside the parents, giving warm welcome to the new citizen on planet earth and making him or her feeling comfortable in mother's womb. The familial atmosphere is influenced as well by the harmonising vibrations, produced through the Mantras. The families to whom the author had spoken, confirmed to have been more aware to subtle changements in the surrounding environment, and to be better prepared to overcome negative feelings, resulting normally in familial disharmony.
The parents-to-be are also advised to practise regularly special yoga exercises together, supporting a relaxed mood during the childbearing period and easy childbirth.
Very often, the Samanijis are receiving the newborn only few hours after delivery with their blessings. The Samanijis are happy for the opportunity to add spiritual care to the general medical care for future parents.

Samani Pratibha Pragyaji (left) gives her blessings to fourteen days old Ghia Meta, and enjoys how Ghia has grown since last time, she had seen her.

Ghia's big brother Atul (right) loves his baby sister very much; his parents hardly noticed signs of jealousy towards his little sister. His mother Shital (middle) recovered very fast after having given birth to Ghia.

The whole family is happy with the new member, they live together in a joint family. Grandfather's youngest sister had extra come from Nairobi, Kenya, with her son.

Editor Karuna Jain held the charming baby girl for some time; she perceived strong energy vibrations from little Ghia. Even when getting more and more hungry, the little child stayed calm for amazingly long time.

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