JVB Orlando - Review 2005

Published: 30.12.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015

Mahavir Jayanti

April 23rd 2005

The auspicious occasion of Mahavir Jayanti was celebrated in Miami on April 23 rd 2005, under the spiritual guidance of Samani Madhur Pragyaji and Samani Parimal Pragyaji. Special emphasis was discussed on practical life, Lord Mahaviras teachings about Anekantvad, (observing things with a multi-faceted point of view).

Samani Madhur Pragyaji on Mahavira's teachings

The audience is listening carefully

Jain Vishwa Bharati 5th Anniversary

May 7th and 8th 2005

The Jain Vishwa Bharati Orlando Florida celebrated the 5 th anniversary of the center in the presence of Samani Madhur Pragyaji and Samani Parimal Pragyaji. The two day event was filled with joy and spiritual awareness among the audience of over 200 people. The attendees came from throughout Florida from cities such as Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Ocala, as well as the greater Orlando region. Also attending were families from South Carolina, and California.

Saturdays program began with Mangala Charn with the JVB committee. President Ashok Shah welcomed the participants. On this auspicious occasion, the JVB received a message from His Holiness Achary Shri Mahapragyji. JVB Director Kamlesh Shah read the message, which endorsed the teachings of meditation and yoga in the center for the last 5 years and will continue to promote Jainism in the community for the future. This was followed by a melodious and colorful song by JVB devotees on the celebration on the eve of the 5 th anniversary.

Samani Madhur Pragyagji lectured on “How to Achieve Shree” which means knowledge, aura, and Laxmi.

The evening program started with Sangeet Sandhya by a special group from Tampa. A surprise program was conducted by Samani Parimal Pragyaji titled “Chabi Ghumaiea and Bhagya Banaiea”. A special honor was presented to Kamlesh Shah by Achraya Shri Mahapragyaji ‘Shrdha Nishtha Shravak' when he went to see his holiness in India. JVB Secretary,Vijay Lunawat, commented on how fortunate and proud it was to have Kamlesh with this auspicious honor for our JVB center. Sashi Jain, Director of JVB presented a memento to Kamlesh Shah.

The Sunday program began at 7:00am with the recitation of Bhaktamar, Preksha Meditation and Pranayam. At 9:30am a cultural program about Lord Rishbha was presented by Kamlesh Shah, Vijay Lunavat, Devang Chitalia, Neeraj Shah, and Tushar Shah. This included a song by ladies about Akshya Tritiya. Samani Madhur Pragyaji gave a lecture on “Kya Bhagya Ko Badal Sakate Hia”. Master of ceremonies were conducted by Samani Parimal Pragyaji.

Stress Workshop at JVB

On Saturday, June 25 th, a workshop was conducted in the presence of Samani Madhur Prajna and Samani Parimal Prajna. The workshops theme was “How to Reduce Stress in the Post Modern World.” Featured were lectures, meditation and yoga instruction, and light refreshments. About 25 mostly American attendees took part, marking the beginning of a series of workshop to be held every other month.

The attendees, many from the Women's Multi-Faith Center Orlando, filled out comment sheets, giving valuable feedback, which will help us plan for the next workshop. The next workshop will take place at the end of August (date to be announced). The theme for this next workshop will focus on anger management. For information, call JVB Center.

Tampa, Florida

Both Samanijis Madhur Pragyaji and Parimal Pragyaji have been visiting Tampa once a month every 2 nd Saturday during April to October 2005. They have been leading 2-hour Swadhyay sessions about Karma Theory. On Saturday, October 8 th, a Stress Management workshop was conducted in the presence of Samani Madhur Prajna and Samani Parimal Prajna.

Jupiter, Fl.

On the last Sunday of May 2005, the Samanijis visited Jupiter, Florida and conducted a 2-hour workshop. The topic of discussion was “How we can change our Destiny”. The workshop was concluded with meditation and pranayam.

North Carolina

At the request and invitation of the Triangle Jains of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Samani Madhur Pragyaji and Samani Parimal Pragyaji visited Raleigh-Durham from Wednesday, June 1 st to Tuesday June 7 th 2005. A number of events were organized during the Samanijis visit.

Iselin, New Jersey

A 3-day Preksha Meditation camp and was conducted between August 19 th through August 21 st in the presence of Samanis Madhur Pragya, Charitr Pragya, Parimal Pragya, and Shukl Pragya. Over 60 people were in attendance where Samani Madhur Pragya presented lectures on “How to remove Stress and increase one's efficiency”. Pranayam and yoga exercises were conducted by Samani Parimal Pragya. Samani Charitr Pragya gave two lectures: “Why meditate”, and “Food and Health”. Samani Shukl Pragya conducted classes for the children.

Milwaukee Wisconsin

On September 12 th and 13 th, the Samanijis visited the Jain Center for Das Lakshan. They organized a 2-day Preksha Meditation camp featuring lectures by Samani Madhur Pragya on “Stress Management”, “Karma Theory”, and Destiny and the Five Parameters Influencing Religious Life”. Samanijis explained these topics with great success that the members of the center enthusiastically asked the Samanijis to return to give more functions. The camp was a great success.

Merritt Island, Florida

SnehLata Pandia arranged a workshop on Stress Management in memory of her mother. The 3 hour program was very informative and enjoyed by all. The workshop ended with a question and answer session which was led by Samani Madhur Pragya and Samani Parimal Pragya.

Melbourne, Florida

At the Hindu Temple in Melbourne Florida, a 2 hour Bhavana program was held. Samani Madhur Pragya gave a lecture titled “Let us Learn How to Live”.

Paryushan at JVB Orlando

In the presents of Samani Madhur Pragya and Samani Parimal Pragya

"Samvatsari Geet - In Hindi" "

Aatma Ki Pothi Padha Ne Ka
Yaha Sunder Avasar Aaya Hai,
Sopan Yahi Hai Chadhane Ka
Mastiska Manuj Ka Paya Hai,
Samvatsar Ka Sandesh Suno
Nirmal Mana Nirmal Kaya Hai

With this, more than a month in advance Samanijis started inspiring all for the forth coming "Festival of friendship (Paruyshana)". In the morning there were Lectures on Agama-Gyata Dharma Katha followed by afternoon discussions on various topics. The evenings started with Samuhik Pratikraman followed by lectures on Bhagvan Mahavir Jeevan and Life Stories of Acharyas.

On the first day Samani Parimal Pragyaji started the life story of Bhagvan Mahavir from his Bhav as Naysar where Bhagvan acquired the SamyakDarshan. Samani Madhur Pragyaji took everyone to 500BC narrating the interesting history of that time when Bhagvan Mahaveer had just attained Nirvana and Guru Gautam acquired Keval gyana and how the Acharya Parampara started with Acharya Sudharma and how Jambu Swami in his young age got initiated and inspired so many other people. The most inspiring performance was in the evening by young kids. Kids of age 3 to 10 performed "Ekasan no Rung”.

And kids and teenagers of age 10 to 16 performed "Mission Paryushan" The performances were in Gujarati and impressive. This active day was concluded with Swamivatsalya and Pratikraman.

Just as on Saturday, Sunday morning sessions started with Bhaktamer sutra, Jaap and Dhyan. This was the day of 24 hours Jaap and started immediately after Pratikraman from Sunday 9.00pm through Monday 9:00 pm. Many people registered their names in advance for Jaap. Monday being holiday was another highly active day full of Jaap and lectures. In the morning Samanijis continued with life of Bhagvan Mahavir and history of prbhavak Acharyas. Afternoon session started with discussion on Shravak na 12 vratas and Samani Madhur Pragyaji explained all the Vratas with great details in a lucid manner. Then was the time of Bhavana where everyone participated with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Pratrikraman followed the Swamivatsalya.

Tapasvi Bahuman Many devotees observed 8, 9, 12 days fasting. Dr. Dhiran Mehta did 8 days fasting without water.

Thursday morning: Samyak Parakram. Life of Acharya Tulsiji and Mahapragyaji. Afternoon Aaloyna and in the evening Samvatsari Pratikraman and Kshamapana.

Friday: Samuhik Parna of tapasvis.

Rollins College

Lecture on Creative Yoga and Religion and body on 22 nd October and 7 th November conducted by Samani Madhurpragyji. Samani Madhur Pragya spoke of the four factors of creativity; Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Following the lectures, Samani Parimal Pragya demonstrated and practiced yoga with the students.

JVB Orlando Center

Celebrated Mahavir Nirvan Program and 25 th Anniversary of Saman Shreni on 29 th October. Program started with “Mangala Charan” by members of Jain Vishwa Bharati.

Followed by Samani Madhurpragyaji gave lecture on “How to celebrate Mahavira Nirvan”. Samani Parimalpragyaji narrated the 25 th anniversary of Saman Shreni and Diksha of Samani Madhurpragyaji. Kamaleshbhai, Ashokbhai and Tusharbhai gave Thank you speech to Samani Madhurpragyaji. Kamleshbhi won the frist prize for surprise competition organized by Jain Vishwa Bharati on Mahavira Nirvan.


On 19 th and 20 th November, Samani Madhurpragyaji and Samani Parimalpragyaji conducted a seminar on Stress management.

Daytona Beach

Stress Management workshop was conducted on 8 th and 9 th December by Samani Madhurpragyaji and Samani Parimalpragyaji.

Jain Vishwa Bharati's upcoming


Samani Madhur Pragya & Samani Parimal Pragya

(Disciples of Acharya Mahapragya )

Friday January 13 th through Sunday January 15 th, 2006
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