Kayotsarg - Detachment of Body and Soul

Posted: 16.01.2005
Updated on: 01.12.2010

To experience the detachment of body from soul, Kayotsarg was practised as follows:

  1. Suggest your whole body to relax, 5 minutes
  2. Antaryatra
  3. Detachment of body and soul:
    a) Experience your body as heavy as leather
    b) Experience your body as light as cotton balls
    c) Imagine your body on the banks of a white stream
    d) Let your body float in the gentle white stream
    e) Let your body be carried away by the gentle white stream
    f) See how your body is carried away by the gentle white stream
    g) Feel the lightness
    h) See your body coming back on the white stream
    i) Feel your body radiating white, vital energy
    j) Turn your body on the left side and stand up if you are in a lying or sitting position
    k) Feel the vibrations of energy in your body
    l) Take deep breaths - end of sesssion
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