HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 02.6 Kolkata - Dinner At Bhadanis' Home

Published: 10.01.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015



The Bhandani family was awaiting us; nevertheless, we stayed a few minutes at Victoria memorial.


The cheerful atmosphere accompanied us from there to the Bhandani family’s home, where it melted with the love and laughter of the 11 persons (including the baby) who received the 4 of us, Sushil, Supyar and Editors. Mr Bhandani and his newborn grandson were the only male family members present; the others arrived some minutes later.



The Bhandanis are a classical joint family of 14 persons: the parents, their 3 sons Prem, Rakesh, Dilip, with their wives Jayshree, Sudha, Sneh, and their children are living in a big apartment together, 8 adults and 6 children (where in Berlin would it be possible to accommodate such a big family?). In the huge entry hall, they take the meals and sit together. The 4 sleeping rooms for adults are painted in different pastel colours. “So everybody easily can recognise his room,” Mr. Mohanlal Bhandani joked. The children also have rooms where they work and sleep. Everyone’s private sphere is respected. The 3 sons, Prem, Rakesh and Dilip, are working with their father in the semi-precious jewellery business.


Mr. Bhandani is the cousin brother of Supyar Bafana, Sushil’s wife. This evening, we also learned that it was Mr. Mohanlal Bhandani, who had given one of his cars and the driver to us during our stay! Another time, we were speechless. They had organised this perfectly for the 3 days of our stay, it would have been only half the joy during the drives if Sushil Bafana would have to concentrate on the traffic and not on the amusing and informative discussions we had together! Primarary, Sushil Bafana had intended to lend a car. But then he thought it over and realised that driving and talking to guests is no good option. So he asked his relative for the car and the driver. Immediately Mr. Bhandani happily agreed in behalf of the whole family and Sushil Bafana was able to fully concentrate on us, the visitors. All of them made us feel very happy when they beamed with the joy of giving.


Mrs. Magani Devi Bhandani is an active member of Terapanth Mahila Mandal Kolkata; her focus is on fighting against female feticide. Further, she is a dauntless fighter for life in all its facets, where she is, there is life, laughter and cooperation, a real Kshatriya Jain Lady.


Dilip Bhandani, the youngest son, had been in Germany for holidays with his wife Sneh in summer 2004. They liked climate and landscape in Germany and had visited the museum for precious stones in Idar-Oberstein, where also some Jain jewellers out of the 100 Jain families of Germany are living (which they regretted not have known then).

Last not least, the wonderful children / grandchildren of the family! Full of humour and happiness, they really have conquered our hearts. When they felt familiar enough with us to approach, the boldest - well guessed, the youngest girl! - came in front of Karuna, pointed on her chest, and crowed merrily, „I am Pinkie! And this,” she drew her cousin sister nearer, “ is Tinkie!” Immediately their little brother came also and dared a big smile. Meanwhile the two big girls played with their baby brother and then continued their studies in a separate room.


This visit was crowned by a delicious dinner. Thereafter, we got very tired and told Sushil how we felt. We took farewell and rushed to bed.


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