HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 02.11 Kolkata - At Sethias' Home

Published: 18.01.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015



Our ticket back to Delhi was on 18th November, so this was already our last morning in Kolkata! In the afternoon, the overnight express to Delhi would leave Howrah station. But in the morning, we only looked forward to visit the Sethia family; they had invited us to take breakfast at their home.


To our delight, Supyar and Sushil Bafana's nephew Mudit Bhadani, son of Supyar Bafana's brother, came with us.


Sushil Bafana had decided to reduce the schedule of this morning. He had rather planned an early morning meditation at the banks of Ganges River in the Botanic Garden and a little sight seeing tour of the city. In regard to Karuna’s health, he had thought it over and recommended relaxation instead. We accepted his advice, but hope that during our next visit there will be an opportunity to realise this program then.


Rajndra and Sunita Sethia received us in their home where they live together with the father of Mrs. Sethia. Although it is rather unusual that one of the parents is living with their daughter’s family, Mrs. Sethia declared that she did not have the heart to leave her father alone after her mother deceased about three years ago. Mr. Sethia also did not feel well by knowing his father-in-law on his own, as Mrs. Sethia was the only child of her parents and other relatives are no more alive.


Even while busy with hosting her guests, the kind smile never left Mrs. Sethia’s face; in the kitchen the two friends, Supyar Bafana and her, were working together, from time to time laughter was heard. Two friends sedulously working in the kitchen, happy to have nice items to offer to the guests; the same situation would not have been different in Europe, America, Africa or Australia.



Mr. and Mrs. Sethia have one son of 17 years. While Mrs. Sethia and her best friend, Supyar Bafana, were about to complete the preparations, he arrived just in time for a delicious breakfast, as Saturday early mornings he is engaged in some sport training.


We were fascinated by the opposites we saw outside the windows. One side showed a hypermodern housing area, on the opposite, all facets of active street life could be watched. When our hosts saw us taking photos from the view outside the windows, they joked that inside it is as interesting as outside and showed all room of their home to us. In this family also, every member has his private sphere to retire when wanted.


The breakfast contained all items for a healthy start into the day and was as various as tasty. This visit gave good ground for the body to be in good conditions for the activities ahead.


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