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Published: 02.02.2007
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20th November 2006

On Sunday, we relaxed in Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra (ASK) and enjoyed the presence of Swami Dharmanandji and Nirmalaji. Next morning at 05:00, we started to Taranagar, Rajasthan, where H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna and the Sangh on Ahimsa Yatra were expected the same day. Swami Dharmanandji and his nephew Vinod Jain travelled with us. On the way, we made two halts in Hariyana. The first was in Rohatak, an ambitious town, vibrating with construction works and upcoming shops, where we made an early morning visit to the group of Sadhvishree Rajkumarji and were invited for breakfast in the Jain family’s home. The second was in Bhiwani, where H.H. had stayed during his Chaturmas 2006.

Visit to Sadhvishrees - 07:30

Waiting for sunset was the only thing, we had to do this morning, while the driver had to handle the traffic. Swami Dharmanandji whispered, “Meditate,” and we happily followed his advice.
We reached Rohatak about 07:30. The car stopped in front of a little house in a residential area, where Sadhvishrees stayed. Inside, it looked like a place for community gatherings, but when we departed, we noticed a little cot with Jain symbols on the right of the entry.


50 years ago, Sadhvishree Raj Kumariji had taken Diksha together with 3 sisters. They were all in one group, and after the group leader had passed away, Sadhvi Raj Kumariji became group leader, and the group was completed with the niece of the 3 sisters. Some months ago, one Sadhvi, in worldly relations the eldest sister, had passed away and young Sadhvi Jagriti Prabhaji had joined the group, “I am bringing fresh energies to the group,” she said smilingly and added, “ and am so lucky to be with my learned sisters. Their knowledge is immense.” In this amazing group constellation, everyone was in high spirits, united in their common goal.


The four Sadhvis of Sadhvi Raj Kumariji's former group originated - worldly spoken - from the same family, the family of Swami Dharmanandji! The 3 sisters of Swami Dharmanandji's father had taken Diksha long ago; now Sadhvis Jayshreeji and Rama Kumariji are still in the group. Two decades later, in worldly relations their niece, Sadhvi Jaimalaji, joined them. In worldly relations, Sadhvi Jaimalaji is Swami Dharmanandji's sister.


Swami Dharmanandji had brought books from Delhi, which Sadhvishrees needed for lectures and classes. He showed the newly printed issues to Sadhvi Jayshreeji who critically inspected them while listening to his explanations.


Sadhvi Raj Kumariji had kept silence for twenty years. Eight years ago, she broke her silence. We were highly interested to know what the experience was like to utter not a single word in twenty years. Swami Dharmanandji kindly acted as interpreter; Sadhvi Raj Kumariji had a gloss in her eyes when she responded that her spiritual development was immense. In the beginning she only wanted to improve her strength. After some months, she wanted to continue. She told us that keeping silence was no hindrance to her work for the community and in the group, on the contrary.


Meanwhile Vinod Surana from ASK Delhi, whom we had met several times already during former stays at the Kendra, also a member of this highly spiritual family, was telling Sadhvishrees about the work he was doing in the Kendra and why he had come with us. He is the son of Swami Dharmanandji's sister Smt. Ratni Devi Surana, who lives with her husband Shri Bhanwarlalji Surana in Taranagar. When he heard that we planned to go to Taranagar, he decided to travel with us. We were so happy learning this!


It is a custom when going for Darshan to Sadhvishrees that they recite Mangal Path before people leave. When we were about to leave, Swami Dharmanandji took the camera and said that he wants to make a souvenir photo of Mangal Path, as it was Karuna's birthday.


Sadhvishrees were giving their birthday blessings, and Karuna felt great joy inside, as this was her first birthday in so valuable spiritual companionship.

Breakfast at the Jain family’s home, 08:15

Now it was time for breakfast. When we arrived, Dr. S. K. Jain, a senior Preksha Meditation Teacher, his wife Dr. Santoshrani Jain, also Preksha Meditation Teacher, their son Vikash, an engineer, daughter-in-law Mina and Vikash's and Mina's children Piyush and Palvi gave a warm welcome with garlands to us. Karuna was happy to meet Dr. Santoshrani again; she had met her already three years ago in the Kendra. They had nice talks on meditation and healthy living. Dr. Santoshrani is specialities an expert in vegetarian cooking and had talked on her experiences to prepare healthy food in considerable quantities and according choice for a joint family. Dr. S. K. Jain and his wife Dr. Santoshrani are meditating regularly in the morning and feel healthy and happy, “unlike same aged friends who are no meditators, “they stated.


We were invited to sit down at the table where a delicious breakfast immediately was served to us. After breakfast, we got the opportunity to talk to all members of the family. Granddaughter Palvi had asked to do the service for us at breakfast, and she did it charming like a lady. When grandson Piyush came, he and his grandfather were joking like friends. We talked on spiritual practice and how important it is for happy and healthy living. We would have liked to meditate together, hopefully next time we will.

Vikash Jain had to leave for office; before he left, he told us that they had welcomed already a guest from Germany in their house. One business partner of Vikash had come from southern Germany to India, and the family invited him to stay with them instead of looking for accommodation in a hotel. For one week, he lived with the family. There was such a good understanding that he agreed to come again with his family under the condition that Vikash and Mina first will come to Germany.


We got suddenly aware that we had not taken photos of the warm welcome. Therefore, we asked the family to repeat the welcome for this report. Mr. S. K. Jain was putting garland on Aparigraha's neck, as Mrs. Santoshrani Jain did on Karuna's. Then their son Vikash had to hurry for office. That's why is missing on the farewell photo!


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