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Published: 05.02.2007
Updated: 30.11.2012

20th November 2006, 10:30

Invigorated in spirit and body, we reached Bhiwani, Hariyana, after two hours ride. H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna had stayed here during his Chaturmas 2006. Since two weeks, he was on Ahimsa Yatra again. Normally, Terapanth Bhawans are closed and deserted after departure of the saints. Nevertheless, Swami Dharmanandji had announced our visit to local Terapanth dignities, and so they offered a very warm welcome to us.


We admired the architectural conception of Terapanth Bhawan, the open entry court, conjunct on its right with the first floor of the neighbouring building. The main building was used for administration, lectures and functions; the adjunct building was for accommodation of the saints.


In front of the room where H.H. had stayed, we were invited to have tea and snacks in the shadow. We noticed the cooling wind; the architect seemed to be a local person knowing well the climate. We talked on the building and how many VIP visitors had come to see H.H. in Bhiwani or to participate in the many functions.



In the basement of the building where the saints were accommodated, a huge Meditation Hall, offering enough space and air circulation for over hundred participants, is beautifully decorated with paintings. On the stage on the front of the hall, Lord Mahavira and Acharya Bikshu, founder of Terapanth, and his nine successors can be seen. All walls are decorated with paintings of Acharyas.


Then all of us gathered for the group photo. Again Swami Dharmanandji took a photo where Aparigraha also is to be seen.


When we went to the car, we noticed that people had not been idle since H.H. had left Bhiwani. They were about to tear down the tents and barracks for the visitors to clear the area for construction of a shopping centre.


Then we left Bhiwani for Taranagar, Rajasthan. We watched the activities of a developing city, roaring from bustling activities, people in a hurry to get from here to there. The atmosphere remembered the 60ies economic boom in Germany to us.


Life in the outskirts seemed more relaxed.


On our way to Taranagar, we met this huge abnormal load on its way to Bhiwani. We wondered to what purpose it might serve, it really was HUGE!


Slowly, landscape changed, as we were approaching Rajasthani desert area. Taranagar was no more far.

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