HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.6 Taranagar - Yuvacharyashree Mahashramanji

Published: 12.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

20th November 2006, 17:30


Munishree Kumar Shramanji was on his way to Yuvacharyashree Mahashramanji when we met him again. He told us that H.H. Acharya Mahaprajnaji was not ready to receive visitors, as he kept silence. Yuvacharyashree Mahashramanji would be ready to talk to us after some time. We entered Yuvacharyashree’s room that was filled with visitors. Yuvacharyashree was concentrated on the persons in front of him; patiently the others were waiting for their turn.


We used the opportunity to ask Muni Kumar Shramanji for some details on 5th International Preksha Meditation Camp in September 2006 in Bhiwani, Hariyana. More than 120 participants came from Russia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Latvia and other countries of Russian Federation, 44 from India and Nepal, 5 from Japan, 2 from US.


Swami Dharmanandji called us to present Shri Bachha Raj Bothra to us who said to be a relative of H.H. He shared a wonderful event of his life with us. He was suffering from heavy arthritis and could not walk anymore. H.H. advised him to practice Preksha Meditation twice a day with special attention on the legs. After 25 days, he needed no more painkillers, and after 2 months, he started to walk again. The shine in his eyes expressed more than words.


The courtyard got empty, and we entered the room of Yuvacharyashree with Swami Dharmanandji. It was the turn of the person advanced to us. We did not understand a single word of what was told to Yuvacharyashree, but the lay follower's body language and Yuvacharyashree's kind of listening made clear that the matter was serious and difficult.






Yuvacharyashree's way of listening is unique. Not a single time he interrupted the speaking person; he neither made comments, nor gave any judgement. When he took his bag to look up something or drank some water, he moved his eyes, but his attention did not shift. When the person had finished, Yuvacharyashree looked thoughtfully, but relaxed. Only few persons are able to really listen to others, indeed it made us happy to witness this lesson in human culture, which was far from being meant to be.


The lay follower departed and now it was our turn. Swami Dharmanandji introduced us formally to him and gave some explanations on our efforts to report on Jain Dharma in the Internet. Yuvacharyashree asked since when we are editing HereNow4U and made a note in his diary.

Yuvacharyashree lives in public, except for his meals. From early morning to late evening, he is surrounded by many people, yet always stays concentrated and alert. In his presence, one develops awareness on the value of time and how important it is to make right use of it.

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