HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.8 Taranagar - Evening Darshan

Published: 14.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

20th November 2006, 20:00


When we reached Oswal Bhawan in Taranagar, Acharyashree still kept silence. We therefore decided to catch impressions of the Sangh’s evening activities and to return later for Darshan.

Muni Vimal Kumarji from Taranagar sat in deep meditation while visitors and other Munis were talking together. He neither moved, nor opened his eyes; full concentration all the time.


Swami Dharmanandji had an appointment with Muni Hiralalji who had asked for supervision in his performance of Asanas against his nape and back problems. They discussed the matter in detail and finally agreed on additional measures to be taken.


Muni Vimal Kumarji meanwhile came out of meditation with a happy smile on his face, and opened then the eyes. His facial expression reminded us to the chapters on spiritual joy in Acharyashree’s book ‘Mysteries of the Mind’, we are actually transferring into German language.


While Aparigraha and Swami Dharmanandji were talking to some Munishrees, Karuna suddenly got the inspiration to go to Acharyashree’s room. As Acharyashree was talking to a visitor, Karuna sat down and enjoyed his presence. Acharyashree with his unbelievable smile encouraged her to approach. Meanwhile Aparigraha had entered the room and immediately took photo!


Acharyashree then presented us to his visitor Dr.Baid. Dr.Baid has changed his profession from medical doctor to politician. He is member of the Legilative Assemblee of Rajasthan for Taranagar, and he is a follower of Acharya Mahaprajnaji since quite some time. Whenever it is possible for him, he joins Ahimsa Yatra, as Ahimsa is the only means to make an end to violence. Violence is according to him, when people are deprived of their rights, mostly of the right to live. We were shocked to know from Dr. Baid that poor people still are dying from hunger. In his political task, Dr. Baid aims to create awareness in poor people to make use of their rights. He reported from his talk with Acharyashree who holds the opinion that violence between poor and rich people could come to an end, when poor and rich people get to a better understanding. Acharyashree proposed therefore to rich people to live for some time in poor people's huts and to poor people to live in rich people's houses.

Dr. Baid said that corruption and mismanagement have to be abolished to make an end to the unbearable situation that people are dying because nobody helps them. We were impressed! We never heard such clear words from a politician. We have recorded the talk with Dr. Baid; please excuse the ambient noise:


Talking With Dr. Baid MD MLA, Taranagar, Rajasthan


Swami Dharmanandji still had discussions on their health problems with Munishrees Vimal Kumarji and Dharm Ruchiji. Karuna was tired and sat down on a chair; some young people welcomed us and wanted to know who we are and why we were in Taranagar. Aparigraha took a photo from the entry of Oswal Bhawan, Taranagar, and discouvered a four-legged listener under the window of Acharyashree's room. We went to sleep then.

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