HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.16 Taranagar - Evening Darshan Of Sadhvi Pramukha

Published: 01.03.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

21st November 2006, 18:30 – 20:30


In the evening, we planned to go for Darshan of Sadhvi Pramukha. Sadhvi Pramukhaji and the Sadhvishrees traditionally are accommodated separately from H.H., Yuvacharyashree and the Munishrees in a short walking distance, but we ignored the location. Therefore, we went to Oswal Bhawan to ask where to go and fortunately met Munishree Kumar Shramanji who gave the latest details concerning start of Ahimsa Yatra to us for next morning.


We before visited the house of the gentleman we knew from Kolkata. He was in Taranagar for two reasons, Guru Darshan and visiting his bedridden father, which he demanded from us as well. We agreed and his father really was happy to see us, as were his seven sons. Even when the doctor came to look after his patient they did not want us to leave. We did not grasp all aspects of the situation but hope that the old gentleman is much better now.

At Oswal Bhavan, Munishree Kumar Shramanji informed us that Acharyashree was not feeling well and due to this, Ahimsa Yatra Schedule was changed. Time of departure to Mahatma village in only 7 km distance would be next morning about 09:00. He then indicated the direction to the house where Sadhvi Pramukha was accommodated and closed the doors of Oswal Bhavan. We understood that Acharyashree needed rest.


Sadhvishrees were accommodated in a big house. Apparently it was inhabited normally. We again wondered how modest the saints are, they arrange with every facility provided to them. Sadhvi Pramukhaji was no exception. In a bare room she was sitting, her audience was very attentively listening to her. We entered, and she welcomed us by addressing us with our names. We felt happy and admired her detachment. Certainly she worried on Acharyashree’s health, but she did not mention it. Karuna said afterwards that her eyes had an expression full of compassion she would have called sad with other persons.


We went on, as we did not want to disturb the gathering further. The people in the audience gifted happy smiles to us. We understood that Sadhvi Pramukhaji talked on very important subjects to them, again, due to language limitation we cannot report on it. We looked for Sadhvi Shashi Prabhaji, in worldly terms sister of Muni Kumar Shramanji, who was working on her PhD thesis on Terapanth management when we met her last time in Ladnun 2005.


On the way, we got an idea on Sadhvishrees’ evening activities: study of the scriptures, guidance of lay followers. Sadhvi Vishrud Vibhaji gave lecture to young Sadhvis.


Sadhvi Shashi Prabhaji was talking with a lady, and asked us to come back after ten minutes.


Meanwhile we discovered a group of elderly Sadhvis who still were on Ahimsa Yatra and enjoyed it.


Someone informed us that Sadhvi Shashi Prabhaji was free now to talk to us. She has completed her research and said that it is very important to manage human resources effectively to give proper answer to the need of contemporary global society for the value of Ahimsa and other Jain values, as the number of people to provide such knowledge is limited in number. For her, Jain unity is a step into this direction, as humanity needs every support possible to evolve such consciousness caring for survival of all forms of life on the planet.

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