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Published: 10.05.2007
Updated: 30.11.2012

27th November, 14:30 - 15:30


Mr. And Mrs. Sumer Soni took us to a rather gloomy corridor that opened to a massive door, generally locked. A placard indicated opening for visitors. We were lucky, the door was opened, and light put on. We stood in front of beauty itself!


When Puja was finished, we all formed a circle around Mrs. Sneh Gadhaiyaji, and conveyed our birthday well wishes to her. Mrs. Gadhaiyaji then received a wonderful gift, a beautiful necklace. When we were about to leave the temple, our friends made sign to stop.


Mr. Sumer Soni came near, welcomed us heartily, handed over a beautiful gift for us to Aparigraha, an image of Lord Parshvanath, and put a beautiful nacklace on his neck. His wife then put the same wonderful necklace on Karuna's neck. Mrs. Gadhaiyaji beamed with joy, we were gifted the same necklace she had received for her birthday! She told us that this necklace brings auspicious vibrations and luck. Again, we were too surprised to take photos!

They then made us sign to follow in an adjoining wing of the temple. We wondered what would be seen there, and then hardly could trust our eyes. Mr. And Mrs. Soni opened the treasury containing these beautiful art objects. We even were allowed to approach closer to the shrine, as Mrs. Soni opened some bars keeping people in quite a distance from it. She pointed out that for her and her husband donation of the shrine was a heartfelt pleasure. They wanted to share its beauty with other people; therefore, they thought that a temple, and especially this temple, dedicated to Lord Parshvanath was the right location. She added that the joy of sharing is much greater and lasts longer than the joy of possession.


Beautiful details of the shrine


We left the temple, and Sanjeev Bothra gave some details on it. We learned that the temple was built 200 years ago, together with the one on the foot of the hill. The plan to install a water harvesting system came up, as people were very thirsty when they reached the top after climbing 752 steps. Water was not easily available on the top, and it does not rain very often in the region. Therefore, rainwater is collected in big basins and three times filtered with the help of plants known for their purifying effect on water. Water collection and filter system are installed under the level of the temple, and so is a big meditation hall.


We entered a big loggia with windows opening to the landscape, but without being exposed directly to the sun. View, talks, and lunch were a unique experience for body and mind!


In front of the entry, we again met a young mother with her daughter, aged nine, and her son, aged three. They had also been there for lunch, and we had talked together. Outside, the daughter came near to say good-bye, and the little son followed his mother’s request to shake Karuna’s hand, which according to the expression of his face was some test of courage, passed with distinction.


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