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Published: 02.07.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

Morning Of 1st December 2006


Next morning, we had early breakfast at the Gujrani family’s home; second breakfast at the Talesra family’s home; homemade snacks at the Bokariya family’s home, but unfortunately could no visit Mr. Jeevan Jain’s home because the hour of the train’s departure was too close. On the platform, three minutes before departure to Mumbai, Siddhart Bothra jumped out of the incoming train to Mumbai and handed the photos of International Preksha Meditation Camp 2006 in Bhiwani over to us.


Because of last night’s extended dinner, all of us had a short, nevertheless refreshing sleep. Mr. Pradip Gujrani and Mr. Sushil Bafana came to Terapanth Bhawan, and wanted to take us with our luggage directly to the Gujrani family’s home, as we had bid farewell from the Sadhvishrees the day before. Easier said than done. In the meantime, after coming up to 4th floor with the lift, knocking at our door & all together back to the lift that fortunately still was there because they had left the door open, someone had closed all accesses and then gone with the key.

It was one of these situations, one is happy to have a mobile. However, we were in a lift, no connection to any net. In the ground floor, no chance to get out. Sushil Bafana then succeeded to climb out of the lift in the cellar, went out & called someone who immediately organised the solution of the problem. Five minutes later, the door in the ground floor was opened, and we happily headed towards tea and first breakfast in Mr. Pradip Gujrani’s home.

Because of the lift story, our straight schedule before departure had to be revised. When Shri Gopilal came to take us to his home for second breakfast, we yet had not finished the first.


When we reached Shri Gopilal’s (r, standing) home, all were already waiting for us: Shri Jain, Amita’s father-in-law, with little Baby Khush on his lap, Amita Jain, her mother, Mrs. Talesra, her sister, Payal Talesra, and her brother, Dhaval Talesra.


After tasty second breakfast, Karuna was invited to come to the kitchen, where she had been rather often during her stay three years ago. Mrs. Talesra was remembering how attracted Karuna was by seeing the well-organised items & spices there. Three years ago, in 2003, they also had invited Karuna to celebrate Dhipvali in Shri Gopilal’s and his brother’s business location in Surat Textile Market with the two families. All share sweet memories from then and were happy to meet again.

When Amita and Karuna took position in the kitchen for photo, Amita’s younger brother Dhaval smilingly gave a comment, “East and West, united in our kitchen! – Please take now a photo of the men in our family.” When Shri Gopilal’s younger brother and Shri Jain’s sons arrived, we completed the series of photos.

We would have stayed longer in the house of our friends, but Mahima and her parents were waiting. We took leave for this time, and hopefully will meet again in their village of origin near Udaipur in autumn 2007.


In Bokariya family’s home, we were welcomed in the traditional Indian way by Mahima’s younger sister. We had some nice talks together, and then rushed to the station to catch the train to Mumbai, our next destination. Shri Jeevan Jain was with us; he had joined us at the Bokariya family’s home with an invitation to his home, which we unfortunately could not follow because time was too short to departure.

When the train to Mumbai approached the platform, Siddhart Bothra jumped out of it. He had mounted it when it slowed down speed in the station. He handed over the photos of 5th International Preksha Meditation Camp to us on behalf of Munishree Kumar Shramanji.

The train started to next destination, and the little group of ours, Mr. Sushil Bafana, his wife Supyar, Mahima Bokariya and us, lent back and took deep breaths of relief. Sushil Bafana added, "My responsibility will end in Mumbai, when Shri S. M. Jain and his son Sudanshu will take over."

These 24 hours had flown away like the wind!

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