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Posted: 09.04.2004
Updated on: 13.02.2008

Saman Shrutpragyaji and Saman Sthithpragyaji

In 2003 Saman Sthithpragyaji and Saman Shrutpragyaji have inspired many people to change their lifestyle after having participated in one of their 25 Preksha Meditation, Body Language and Personality Development Camps. Amongst the totality of more than 5000 participants where press and media people, teachers, and students.

The camps were conducted in the Saurashtra region and in Gondal, Morvi, Porbandar, Junagadh, Bhuj-Kutch, Baruch including Rajkot.

From July 25th to 30th 2003 they gave a series of lectures at the Jain Centre of greater Memphis (Tennessee, USA). Audio lectures of Balanced Living Series in Hindi Language:

Download the complete audio: Balanced Life Lecture Series (55 MB Zip File)

In 2004 a teacher training programme of Preksha Meditation and 'Science of Living' was held in March in Rajkot where the two Samanjis are until now.

Personality development, body language, memory development and public speaking training camps are planned in April, May and June specially for students, 'Science of Living' training for school teachers will take place in May, June and July.

Lectures on spirituality and how to realise in practical life are given every week.

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