Mantra Diksha For 500 Youngsters In Kolkata

Published: 08.08.2005
Updated: 30.01.2012

Sadhvishrees Kanchanprabhaji (on the left) and Manjurekhaji (on the right: all four Sadhvis of Sadhvi Kanchanprabha's group) gave lectures on vegetarism and abstinence from drug addiction to some 500 children of various Gyanshala classes from in and around Kolkatta for Mantra Diksha.

On Mantra Diksha, youngsters between 9 and 14 years take the vow to lead a life characterised by ethical conduct.
They are offered a small book and a Mala containing 27 nods or pearls to recite Namokar Mantra.

The children recited Namokar Mantra and Mahapran sound, a humming sound with concentration on top of head (Centre of Wisdom in Preksha Meditation) together with Sadhvishrees.

For the youngsters, this day was a highlight in their life.
The programme was organised by Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Kolkata; beneath the participants were Sri Prakash Birmecha, president of Parishad, Sri Ratan Dugar, all India organising secretary,
and Sri Ramesh Jain, Kolkatta secretary.

 Sushil Bafana
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