Mantra Meditation

Published: 30.03.2005
Updated: 13.02.2008

This meditation is on the Mantras:

Om, Hrim, Arham, Namhae.

Consciousness is concentrated consecutively on the tip of the nose, between the eye brows, in the middle of the front, and on the top of the head:

  • Om: Centre (Psychic Centre) of vital energy, tip of the nose
  • Hrim: Centre of intuition, between the eye brows
  • Arham: Centre of enlightenment, middle of the front
  • Namhae: Centre of knowledge or wisdom, top of the head.

When chanting the Mantras, the voice should be lifted up continuously. The sound is recommanded to start around the navel, then to be lifted towards the chest, next to the vocal chord, and then to the top of the head.

During the 3rd International Preksha Meditation Camp the mantra meditation sesions were conducted by Samani Mangal Pragya. She recommands to practise it from 20 to 30 minutes of duration.

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