Paryushan 2006 - Khamat Khamana

Published: 31.08.2006
Updated: 17.11.2010

Michchami Dukkadam!

We forgive all living beings and ask all living beings to forgive us.

We have amity with all,

and enmity to none.

Back from Paryushan 2006 at JVB London we ask sincerely to forget and forgive any harm we might have caused willingly or unwillingly to anyone, as well as we have cleared our accounts and forgive and forget any harm or misbehaviour persons might have done to us.

We feel relieved by the purification we have experienced in these days of Paryushan 2006, and are conscious of the fact that we all are human beings tending to take our mistakes for those of the others, ready to blame them. Paryushan is an occasion for forgiving oneself as well, as it is not easy after having recognised what one has done wrong not be very ashamed on this fact. We all feel guilty when we feel that we have not been wise, compassionate, caring and open-minded enough. But life is teaching us its real essence, which is, not to continue when we recognised our way to act, speak or think as wrong, and to do all in our power to learn from our faults, and mostly not to repeat them again and again.

We con show our awareness of the preciosity of life by being alert in our thinking, speaking and acting the most we can. Paryushan is the festival of purification, it is an occasion to dig the gold in our hearts inside.

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