Photo Documentation On 5th International Preksha Meditation Camp in Bhiwani, Haryana, India

Published: 29.03.2007
Updated: 30.11.2012

From 23rd to 30th October 2006, 5th International Preksha Meditation Camp (IPMC) took place at Bhiwani, Haryana. 140 participants from 14 countries attended the camp; the majority of 105 participants came from countries of the Russian Federation as Russia, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan; further from Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Moldavia. The remaining participants were from: 2 from Germany (originating from Russia), 2 from Italy, 3 from Nepal, 5 from Japan and 23 from India. Most of the participants from countries of the Russian federation, Baltic countries and eastern European countries are students of cosmic healer Emil Bagirov from Moscow.

When we met him on Ahimsa Yatra in November 2006, Munishree Kumar Shramanji, one of the initiators of IPMCs who links the organising committee to Acharya Mahaprajnaji, promised that the 7 photo CDs documenting IPMC will be handed over to us. We wondered when this could happen; his smilingly given answer was, “Before Mumbai, you will receive the photos.”

Two weeks later, no CDs received. The morning of departure from Surat train station, five minutes before arrival of the train to Mumbai, we wondered how. The eve, we had met Siddhart Bothra, member of IPMC organising committee at Terapanth Bhawan Surat, who assured to hand over the photos to us before departure. We wondered again, when we were about to leave Surat in a few minutes only and had yet not received the photos. Suddenly someone jumped out of the slowly approaching train to Mumbai. Siddhart Bothra! He laughed heartily when he remarked our surprise and explained, “I came from over there, crossed the rails and took my way through the arriving train. Here are all photos taken from IPMC, bon voyage! I am in a hurry to office.“ Thank you, Siddhart!

The 2300 photos are documenting broadly all activities of 5th IPMC in Bhiwani and give detailed impressions on what is going on during IPMC. To complete this documentation, we ask a favour to all our readers:

Please give your comments to photos uploaded in Flickr, specially names of persons [always from left to right].

Every photo shown here opens to a complete album in Flickr. The same photos are in the glossary entry on IPMC.



Preksha International
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