Pratishtha Mahotsav At London Oshwal Centre (02) - Installation Of The 24 Tirthankaras

Published: 27.08.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015

Installation Of The

Into Their Shrines

On Sunday, 21st August 2005, everybody enjoyed the processions, in which all 24 Tirthankaras were brought to their shrines.
These shrines are located in all four directions around the temple.

Shree Chitrabhanu gives blessings to the processions,
chairperson Ashwin Shah and committee members of the Oshwal Association U.K. speaking prayers.

The children were heading the procession, followed by women in traditional Saris…

…and men in traditional clothes, specially worn in religious ceremonies.

Each of the 24 donators of the Tirthankara statues had invited 108 persons, relatives, and friends.
108 is seen as auspicious numeral in the Jain tradition.

The Tirthankara statues were transported in chariots to their shrines.
The decoration material was produced in India and London.

People enjoyed the procession and felt very happy.

The celebrations were uplifting all participants; parents and children shared the same feelings,
like father and son here.

All were aware of the fact that a long lasting dream had come true by cooperation and support of the whole community.

After the passing of the gate (opened one day before), women in traditional costumes mark the path to the shrines.
They held their position from first to 24 th Tirthankara, from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.,
felt neither hunger, nor thirst, and were just happy to be a part of it, as they put it.

The white statue on the right is Gautam Swami, the first disciple of Lord Mahavira, on the left is Samavasaran
(traditional stone showing all the attendants, as plants, animals, human and celestial beings, to the last sermon of Lord Mahavira, before he reached Moksha)

The procession has passed Samavasaran and the statue of Gautam Swami.
In the background Keetishtambha, the column symbolising human consciousness, is seen.
The umbrella is for protection of the Tirthankara in the chariot, and among others, symbol for his reaching of omniscience.

Shree Chitrabhanu gave his blessings to all 24 processions at the beginning,
and when the 24 Tirthankaras were put into the shrines.
His age is unbelievable 84 years!

Every shrine has been prepared for the arrival of the holy inhabitant.

The Tirthankara is carefully put into the shrine;
all participants are reciting prayers and mantras.

Now every participant of the procession bows down with folded hands
and puts a wonderful smelling powder of saffron and sandalwood on the statue while reciting
Namo Arihantanam'
I bow down to the enlightened ones'.

All are touched by this unforgettable experience.

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