Pratishtha Mahotsav At London Oshwal Centre (06.1) - Pratimas Are Brought To The Temple (1)

Published: 05.09.2005
Updated: 17.11.2010


The statues of Lord Rishabha (left) and Lord Parshvanath (right) flank the statue of Lord Mahavira in the middle. Up to 24th August, the Pratimas (statues) were exposed in a room of the Oshwal Centre, serving as prayer room.

On 24th August 2005, they were brought to the temple on chariots decorated with flower garlands and new blankets. Ashwin Dharamshi Shah, President of Oshwal Association U.K. Executive Committee 2004 - 2006, brings in the first chariot. He is very concentrated and looks foreword to perfect completion.

According to the ritual prescriptions, the man going to move the Pratimas were dressed in new clothes, especially to be worn for sacred ceremonies or Puja. The atmosphere was peaceful and calm during the whole procedure, well fitting to the holy purpose. Communication was down to necessary; movements were precise, expressing awareness and foresight.

The statue of Lord Rishabha is going to be placed on the chariot. Everybody was acting in calm concentration; realising the importance of the noble task, they were about to complete. Cooperation in full concentration on, and dedication to the aim was always and will be bringing about the wanted results in human efforts…

Next, two men also dressed in new ceremonial clothes placed Lord Parshvanath's statue cautiously to the chariot and transported him to the place were the procession was starting.

Two Pratimas, Lord Rishabha (right), and Lord Parshvanath (left) are ready to be moved on the chariots to their sacred destination. Before the procession started, the Pratimas were veiled; the lady and the man are carrying mouth veils to protect the Pratimas from any kind of impurity in their breath. The mouth veils are also worn during Puja.

Two Pratimas ready for move; two men could carry them rather comfortably.

But what about the statue of Lord Mahavira, more than half a man's size, polished marble, accordingly heavy, and to handle with extreme care…

Three men carefully moved him in direction to the chariot, positioned in front of him. All men working with the Pratimas have come from India. They are well versed with all ritual details.

When the big Pratima was turned, mouth veil was put on again.

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