Nature as a Healer

Published: 16.12.2020

There is as much nature in us, as we are in it. It is the generosity of the nature that all the essential inputs for life such as air, water, fire, light and earth are provided to the human being in abundance, without any cost and discrimination. The recent Corona pandemic has underlined the need for stronger immunity. For a solid footing to cope up with the present health challenges, and those which may affect us in future, we will need to have better immunity which can be achieved through regular cleansing and detoxification of our body. Constant and close touch with nature will be key factor for the wellness. Every human body has an inherent ability to heal itself and treat illness by resetting the balance of the natural elements in our body by driving out the accumulated toxins and waste and adding the deficient elements. “Exposure to Nature” is a core component of Naturopathy and it is even spawning new fields like Eco tourism and Eco psychology. The universe is made of five basic elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the Sky (Ether), and the optimum mix of these elements is determined by the nature itself. Any human intervention is not tolerated by the nature and it reacts fiercely, if any attempt is made to offend or spoil the balance of nature. The violent reaction of nature can be witnessed in the form of earthquake, flood, cyclone and pandemic. Similarly, our body is also made of the same five elements and their transformations. Human being is the most beautiful, yet, complex creation of the universe. Besides, five physical elements, our body is vivacious with energy, Soul, Pran, and the most developed brain among all the living beings having knowledge, wisdom, ability to think, analyse and express effectively. During the lockdown, when we were indoors, we came close to our real self and the various levels of our existence. We are consciously un-aware that we have our existence at many levels such as physical body, mental level, intellectual level, philosophical level, pranic-body and the inner-most soul. The actual good health is a state of complete well-being at all these levels,

which can be attained only through a thorough cleansing at all the levels for complete purification and fortification of immunity. When forced to remain indoors, people engaged themselves in the subjects of their interest and passion. Working from home provided better flexibility and availability of time and energy. We regained self-discipline and some limits and controls inherently developed in our daily routines which improved our overall wellness and peace of mind. When gyms were closed down, the people started practicing Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation at home which proved useful in improving concentration, cleansing process and accelerated the good effect of home-cooked fresh food, in place of Tiffin-packed and junk-food. During lockdown, social gatherings, meetings and parties stopped. Oily, spicy and heavy food-items totally disappeared and we all have noticed significant change in our health, wellness and even in our thinking process. I have recently undergone this punishment of Nature deprivation, which is commonly known as Corona, or Covid 19. It, of course, is a very life-threatening decease, but I consider it as a unique experience for everyone. People have shared their experiences and they differ a lot, from person to person. In my case, it started with simple fever and flu-like symptoms. After a week it became a little harsh as the cough and infection developed and caused body pain and weakness. It took almost 20 days to settle down. This was an opportunity to re assess the immunity level and to detoxify the body completely. Looking at the unknown behavior of this new disease, the medical advice was followed and the recommended precautions were taken. Since the life was endangered, the fear of unknown was there. As I understand, it is a viral infection, which has a certain cycle and after completing the cycle, it leaves you unharmed. No specific medicine has been labeled as an absolute remedy for viral infection. We have seen that many theories which evolved at the early stage, proved wrong. Medical treatments were also altered several times and still the loss of lives could not be prevented. Antibiotics are given for infection of throat and upper respiratory track. Symptomatic treatment is for fever, body pain and associated discomforts.

The most effective part of the treatment is thinning the blood and adding anti-coagulant to it, thereby not allowing blood clot-formation and allowing free flow in the veins of lungs and heart. Oxygen support is a must to maintain the spO2 level. All over the world, besides modern medicine, steam inhalation, warm water gargling, drinking lemon with lukewarm water and taking normal liquids as much as possible, were also integrated in the health protocol. Light exercise, walking in the park and taking natural sunlight and oxygen directly from the plants helped them more than the medicines. After going through this experience, I wonder, was it so deadly or terrifying as it sounds in media worldwide? With death rate below 5 % and 2/3 week cycle of the critical period, it makes no sense to develop fear and negativity in public. More than 95 % are returning back home with corona-negative report, even when it is openly admitted by medical professionals that there is no definite medicine for Covid-19. Only critical patients need hospitalization, others are treated at home only. The world is likely to heading towards new life-style diseases with new bacteria or virus which may develop, in future? Many lives may be lost before we finally learn about it and take remedial action. An action plan has to be worked out on the basis of this experience to develop a holistic approach for wellness. Rather than developing vaccines for various viruses, our internal immunity system needs to be strengthened. It is not a simple case of a disease and its treatment. The greater concern is the total well-being of a patient. More than the therapy, the focus should be on the wellness … overall and long lasting wellness! The rural areas which are not so densely populated and have less pollution, still have oxygen in the air for breathing freely. The immunity level is higher in rural areas due to purity and simplicity of the food and more physical activity. This gives birth to an idea of setting up Rehab Centers for Covid patients on the outer periphery of the urban settling, in natural surroundings with less dependence on medicines and more emphasis on natural healing. Exposure to natural environment should be increased. Plant-oxygen in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and light walk in the fields have proved very positive for physical and mental health.

Whether, we go out for a run, work, social or business meeting, the benefits of being outdoors are positive and refreshing. Soothing breezes and a glowing sun naturally make one feel good. Well, the corona virus can’t stop the rotation of the seasons – and it, surely, can’t stop us from enjoying nature, so stay connected to nature in whatever way you can. It is a beautiful path to greater wellness. The time spent outdoors can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, regulate heart-rate, reduce muscle-tension, lessen symptoms of depression, and reduce anxiety and lower the production of stress hormones such as Cortisol. Although, in the last couple of hundred years, the mad rush for materialistic development has widened the gap between the nature and man, and this disconnecting process has been going on. Many people spend a large part of their life working on a computer, watching TV, skimming or checking smart-phone, and sitting at the desk looking at a screen, and they rarely get out into nature. And while you may realize that this isn't healthy, you simply don't have the time or energy to make a change, and besides, it's important to be "connected."(??) Nature is a source of wonder and inspiration. Pay attention to all the life and its beauty around you. We know that Nature has healing and restorative powers. First of all, nature provides a great stress relief by enabling you to remove yourself – both physically and mentally – from the things that cause you stress in the first place: office, family, relationships, etc. And while being outdoors won’t make problems go away, it will help you relax. Being away from your everyday environment, gives you a different perspective on things, and sometimes, just looking at a problem from a different angle, helps you find a solution or at least an opportunity to come up with a different approach.

The Sun is an inescapable part of the outdoor experience. It is an invaluable, yet completely free, source of health. By being outdoors, you are automatically exposed to the Sun, and it’s invigorating, stimulating, life-giving power is known to greatly improve our mood. It is also a natural source of vitamin D and a crucial protection against disease.

Clean air is another reason why some people choose to spend time in nature. The “exposure to nature” is used as therapy. Breathing in the essential oils that trees have in abundance has the same benefits as using aromatherapy. Nature is a great healer and absorber of negativity and to tap into its healing power all we need to do is tune-in and reconnect with where we once belonged to.

Naturally flowing water of a river, pond or water-fall have always attracted the nature lovers. Water has soothing, cleansing and healing properties. Hydro-bath is very effective way of treating many health problems. Detoxifying water is also used for inner cleansing of our system and natural hydration of the body. Many of us lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle but don't realize just how nature-deprived we really are. You will figure it out after spending a week at any of the spectacular places you visit. The un-voluntary lockdown due to Corona, has broken-down the back of the whole world, but if we start having voluntary health-breaks, in between, and spend some time with the nature, and be with ourselves, it will greatly help in improving health, emotional well-being and performance at work with greater sense of achievement. It will be wise to earn and enjoy simultaneously keeping our materialistic approach under self-control keeping discipline on demands and needs. Everyone, would like to seek time for his own self to nourish and nurture the real wellness.

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