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Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 12.11.2020
Updated: 13.11.2020

Deepawali - Special on 14 November 2020

Deepawali is not only a popular festival, but a spiritual festival. It is not only a festival to eradicate the outer darkness, but also to erase the inner darkness. By lighting the lamp of purity inside us, we remove the darkness of fascination, illusion, and unnecessary desire, to enlighten the mind and soul only then the real significance of celebrating Deepawali will be proved. On the occasion of Deepawali, everyone usually tries to clean, celebrate and decorate their homes. In the same way, if the waste of bad karma, which is stored on the courtyard of inner consciousness, is cleaned, an effort is made to decorate it with restraint and in it the unbroken flame of the lamp of the soul is ignited, then human beings will enjoy eternal happiness, peace and bliss can be obtained. Only then will we be able to fill the losses of the corona epidemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi lit lamps to defeat the Corona epidemic; this time Diwali will become a medium to eradicate the   corona darkness from the whole world.

We celebrate Deepavali every year. In every house, every courtyard, every village, everything is illuminated with light. The man burns the soil by pouring the wick of affection and philanthropy oil, giving it pride and respect to the Indian culture, because the lamp may be of clay but it is the ideal of our life, the direction of our life, the learning of rituals. Determination is the inspiration and means to reach the goal. The significance of celebrating Deepawali is only when the inner darkness is overcome. We can consider Lord Mahavir's sermon on the night of Diwali as the best message of 'Prakash Parv'; because this message is illuminating the inner world of human beings. That is the principle of the Tathagata Buddha, 'Appadivo Bhava', that is, 'becomes a lamp for the soul itself'. Historians say that the day Nachiketa took the light of knowledge from Yamlok to the land of death; it was also the day of Diwali.

It is true that man's tendency has always been towards light. He never wanted to ask for darkness. This Tamso ma jyotigarmaya is also a corroborative proof of the devotee's inner feeling or tone of prayer. Moving from darkness to light, man began his search for the fulfillment of this expansive wish. He wondered which lamp is the one that could illuminate the path leading to the destination. A man surrounded by darkness does not become meaningful, no matter how much speed he moves. Knowledge before conduct is considered essential before practice. Knowledge is the light in life. It is also said in the scripture - 'Naanam pyaasayaran' means knowledge is light.

A sense of ignorance has enveloped us. It can be erased only by the light of knowledge. Knowledge is the biggest light lamp in the world. When the lamp of knowledge burns, then both inside and outside become illuminated. The kingdom of darkness automatically ends. The need for the light of knowledge is not only to eradicate the inner dark fascination, but also to solve external problems such as corona epidemics, environmental pollution, war and terrorism situations and immorality that have arisen as a result of greed and attachment. . Problems such as war, terrorism, fear, violence, pollution, corona history, corruption, immorality, ozone depletion, etc. pose a challenge to twenty-first century humans.

After all, man is also the father of these problems. Because it is not possible for an animal or bird to do so. Who can commit heinous acts of unnecessary violence other than human beings? The problem of war and terrorism cannot be solved until man pledges to give up unnecessary violence.

To remove the darkness of attachment, one has to light a lamp of spirituality. Where the sun of spiritualism has risen, the darkness cannot exist. Once darkness complained to Brahmaji that the sun followed me. He wants to wipe me out. When Brahma spoke to Sun about this, Sun said - I do not even know the darkness, far from erasing; you must present it to me first. I want to see his appearance. When Brahma asked him to come in front of the sun, then the darkness said - how can I come to him? If I come then my existence will cease.

The real meaning of life is not clothes, but moral and character qualities. Real light can only be manifested through its spiritual qualities pervading humans. The significance of life and the basis of its light are the qualities of the person that humanize him, which we see as compassion,hope, service, spirituality. Actually, this quality is the foundation of the light, the foundation on which a human being makes his life meaningful. Those who have the presence of these qualities have their dignity Chiranjeevi.

To spread light in society, it is necessary to be a human being inside a human being. The way the lamp burns with the lamp, the love increases by giving love and in society today there is a great need for love and humanity.

The conversational formulas of life's depression and development are darkness and light. Darkness is not nature, it is emotion. It is a symbol of our personal weaknesses, lame dreams and thoughts. Disappointed, passive, purposeless lifestyle. Accepted economical thinking, broken loyalty to life values. Till now only the light has freed man from the dark, on the strength of these lights he realized knowledge, that is, he brought the theory into practical life. That is why his existence has not been erased till date. In his eyes, virtue is not knowledge, virtue is not conduct, both are coordinated. One who does not differentiate between words and actions, he becomes worthy of respect in society.

Let us identify the light, explore ourselves, remove our inner work, anger, greed, fascination, etc. and walk on the same path which is the path of humanity. We should understand that human life is very rare, it is not found again and again. Society worships only those who live for others, not for themselves. That is why Goswami Tulsidasji has said - 'Parihar Saris Dharam nahin Bhai'. Remember that this is the salute to the bright and this light is the meaning of our life.

What is true, what is right, should not be accepted only blindly. One should also try to see with open eyes. When the insanity breaks, then the person wakes up in resistance. He stops the evils. With the obedience of the great men associated with this festival, Purushottam Rama, Lord Mahavir, Dayanand Saraswati, Acharya Tulsi, etc., can enjoy the real benefits of Deepavali festival. If every person of the world tries to establish his unbroken light-revealing message within himself, then there can be no difficulty in establishing health, peace, peace, and friendship in the whole world and prosperity can be seen everywhere and personal life can be spent with happiness and joy.

It is necessary for the significance of Deepawali festival, lamps should not only burn outside, but lamps should also be burnt inside. Because the lamp burns anywhere. The message of the lamp is - we should never flee from life, change life, because in the exodus, there is a stain of finesse on the human side, while the possibilities of development in change find meaningful directions of life. Actually, Diya is a challenge even for those who dream of success by becoming indolent, lazy, downright, directionless and characterless. Whereas, Diya is determined to eradicate weaknesses and start a new lifestyle.

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