Ayurveda Therapy : The Way to Get Rid of Corona Disease

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 10.06.2020

Bharatbhoomi (India) has been famous as Ayurveda land since ancient times. Everyparticle and molecule of this land having medicinal properties that can cure every type of disease. Incurable diseases can also be destroyed by Ayurveda in our country. There are many medicines in Ayurveda that can combat corona infection. These drugs increase immunity without any side effects, which is necessary to fight a serious disease like corona. During some experiments conducted under the Ministry of AYUSH, it was observed that all those patients who took Ayurvedic or homeopathic medicine for at least seven days during the quarantine period did not develop the infection and became disease free.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in 'Mann Ki Baat', recently emphasized on promoting traditional Ayurveda knowledge, treatment and experimentation by connecting with Innovative India Campaign. The encouraging results coming out in the researches of Ministry of AYUSH have shown a ray of hope. Indeed, Ayurveda is the greatest need of the present. Corona havoc can be prevented; if people adopt a healthy lifestyle and include the intake of Ayurvedic herbs in their daily routine.

Various types of research are going on around the world for the treatment of Corona. Medical scientists are working constantly to combat the corona infection. In the midst of all this, the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine is also engaged in research, treatment and use with its herbs. With its use and treatment, many cases of corona patients getting healthy have not only changed but also show a ray of  hope against this deadly disease in the world.

These days, the demand for curcumin-rich turmeric, Ashwagandha, Amla (amalaki), Giloy Juice, chyawanprash etc. has increased greatly in overseas countries like US, Europe & Russia. In many countries of Europe, doctors have been recommending Ayurvedic medicine to patients along with allopathic medicines. In this era of Corona pandemic, foreigners are looking for Ayurvedic medicines on the advice of doctors. Most of the corona infected patients of Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Rajasthan are recovering from intake of Ayurvedic medicines.

Goa government has announced that all the Corona infected patients of that state have become disease free due to Ayurvedic medicines and now there is not a single patient of Corona there. The doctors provided Ayurvedic herbs along allopathic medicines to corona patients in Goa. In Gujarat, about 8 thousand patients were cured from Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines like Sambhmani Buti, Dashmool Kwath, Trikatu Churna and Turmeric etc. has been given to corona patients. Ayurvedic medicines were successfully administered to 6,210 corona virus victims at 179 centers in Uttar Pradesh and they have a positive effect in ending corona disease. 'Ayush Kavach' has also been started to establish Ayurveda and Yoga treatment system here.

Health screening of 6000 corona assemblages was done in Ayurveda method at Gandhi Vidya Mandir Ayurveda College in Rajasthan. According to the Chancellor of the University Kanakamal Dugad, corona patients have been given regular intake of nutritional chemicals such as basil, Giloy, Trikatu, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, cardamom etc. The Ministry of AYUSH of India has advised people to take Ayurvedic herbs to increase immunity and strengthen their respiratory system.

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Union Minister of AYUSH Shripad Yesso Naik have also launched the Sanjeevani Mobile App, through which ventures are being made to promote Ayurveda by making contact with as many people as possible. This impact of Ayurveda and allopaths being able to drive away corona disease is a major achievement. If both these systems of medicine are coordinated in the same way, then India will once again be able to achieve a meaningful place in the direction of becoming a World Guru through Ayurveda like Yoga and non-violence.

Dr. KN Dwivedi, senior scientist of Banaras Hindu University has also admitted that we should use our traditional medicinal system Ayurveda to treat Covid 19. He plans to work on the possibility of ayurvedic treatment of corona virus by testing Fifatrol (an ayurvedic drug) on humans. He has sent the proposal of this research to the research team in collaboration with Emil Pharmaceutical. The proposal states that  it is an anti-microbial  medicinal formula prepared from 13 herbs from FIFATROL, the five major herbs included include Sudarshan Vati, Sanjeevani Vati, Godanti Bhasma, Tripuvan Kirti Ras and Mrityunjay Ras. While the portions of the eight drugs have been mixed with Tulsi, Kutki, Chirayatra, Motha, Giloy, Daruhaldi, Karanja and Appamarga.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has also studied this fifatrol, in which this drug has been proved as an Ayurvedic antibiotic. It was found effective in preventing bacterial infection during research. It is helpful in boosting immunity.

This Mandakini of Ayurveda medicine has never been blocked in India nor will it ever be blocked. Today, the whole world is eager to be inundated with this Ayurvedic Mandakini, it is certainly a good sign for the whole of humanity. Today Ayurveda medicine has become as important as globally, it has never been so important before. If people understood and realized the importance of Ayurveda for their health, then the attitude towards disease and its treatment will change in the world. There is a solution to the worldwide disease like corona in expanding, broadening our perspective towards medicine. Ayurveda has to move privately towards universalism, universalism or inclusiveness. This can create a wave of healthy and effective health system on this entire earth.

It will be a matter of pride for Indians that Ayurveda will be a great gift to the world from India. Ayurveda has been an integral part of the life of Indians. But now it will become the subject of the whole world and part of human life.

Indian Yoga and Ayurveda is a unique disease treatment system, which has been interpreted in such a way that mental and spiritual progress along with the beauty of the body. The sages have given Pranayam for posture and longevity for the strength of the body on the basis of experience in a scientific way, by which a person can take a great resolution and implement it. Therefore, Yoga and Ayurveda are capable of giving health, happiness and peace in this life and also paves the way for disease-liberation. 'Freedom from Corona - Tip of healthy life' - That is the birth of Ayurveda, from this people will get new thinking, new health philosophy.

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