Inspiring Reflection of Tribal Life

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 19.05.2020

The achievement of human life is consciousness, the identity of its existence. On this basis, creation of eccentricity and supernaturalism in life by objectivity. This fact was realized by Gani Rajendra Vijay, a Jain saint who was born in a tribal tribe at his young age. He saw all the ups and downs in his journey of meditation and well-being of tribal community, but he believed that these hurdles, pain and troubles are only distractions.  He emerged as the messiah saint of twenty-first century tribal life through his immense zeal of life, service spirit, and hard work and on the other way enriching the spiritual tradition of India with his valuable contributions. These days, he struggles for the rights tribalcommunity areas of Gujarat and looks forward to improve the physical, social and financial life of these tribes.  On 19 May 2020, Gani is entering the 46th spring of his life.

Gani Rajendra Vijay is a personality who has proved once again that one who keeps himself elevated in a bad situation with patience, perseverance, confidence and determination, only he is able to remove all the obstacles and brightens the possibilities. Ganiji, who has become a symbol of tribal uplift in challenging paths, has flourished more and more in the pursuit of spiritual development and moral upliftment. He has been striving for the upliftment of tribal life for a long time and is especially aware of the schemes of education in tribal life, for this, the Eklavya Residential Model Model School has been constructed with his efforts. For the education of girls, Brahmi Sundari Girls Hostel is running successfully. In the same tribal area, where the Gaushala is operated in terms of livelihood, the mobile hospital is also offering its remarkable services for medical and service. He has established a happy family village industry in tribal areas to enrich tribal farmers and improve their standard of living. They are fighting extensively for tribal rights, organizing them, raising their self-respect. Ganiji has not only emerged as a new dawn, new hope and new inspiration for the tribal people of Gujarat, but has also proved to be a new inspiration for the entire tribal life of the country.

In the list of projects and service works conducted by Gani Rajendra Vijayji, the fragrance of human values is blooming. People are migrating from villages to cities, but with the inspiration of Gani Rajendra Vijayji, some living personalities are moving from cities to villages. They are coming back towards their roots. Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi used to say - “The soul of India lives in the villages.” In this era of urbanization, man has forgotten where he originally came from. When one comes to know from where he has come, he, as Lakshmi Mittal, arrives from London, sitting in a car worth crores and feels peace in the rough streets of his village and feels happy and satisfied by setting up schools, hospitals and employment centers.

Gani RajendraVijayji, walking through bumpy paths, walking on narrow-paved trails and feeling emotionally seated when he reaches those poor tribal settlements, then he comes to know what it means to live below the poverty line. Somewhere it is a dream to raise the bread to satisfy hunger, and on the name of shelter they cover themselves in all the seasons by their natural blue umbrella (sky). Somewhere the woman saves her honor by treading alternately with the same sari divided between two women, and then somewhere the life moves to death if not treated in the condition of illness. Somewhere the young widow has the responsibility to maintain the living two children but due to lack of income, she is forced to live a life in scarcity. Some have their husbands but these are involed in alcoholism and become drug addicts and that’s why domestic violence is also increasing.  Therefore, the number of child laborers is increasing in secret, ignoring the government's law, forcing them to maintain the family. Even though Ganiji is counted among the successful personalities today, tribal life has given him many goose bumps, repeated pictures of many ill-fated life, and these slick and grunt photographs also shaken him and his life.

Gani RajendraVijayji, for the success of these extensive undertakings, he performs hard meditation and heats his body. In their padayatras, not only tribal as well as common people are awakening to education, health, rituals, drug addiction and eradication of stereotypes. The purpose of these yatras is to awaken the interest of education and reading, as well as to instill faith in non-violence, morality and human values in the lives of tribal people. Fueled by sacrifice, practice, simplicity, enlightenment and compassion, you are constantly striving to protect the identity of the tribal caste and to instill human values. As if he is a rising 'Gandhi' of Gujarat, caught in Dandi. Born in a tribal family on May 19, 1974, in the same tribal soil, Gani RajendraVijayaji became a Jain monk at the age of just eleven years. There is a flame within this saint who has written more than twenty books, who sometimes appears to be agitating against obscenity, sometimes becomes vocal towards those who forcefully convert. Sometimes water, land and forest become articulate for survival. The saint has made efforts to build a healthy and non-violent society; there is no showing, no demonstration, no hunger for publicity, no desire to get any respect, by calling some politicians on their forums. There is no desire to show strength. In its tune, this saint is trying to establish the ideal and change the face of tribal society and if you want to see the results of these efforts, then it can be seen in tribal areas like Kavant, Balad, Rangpur, Bodeli etc.

Not only this, this saint has renounced the life of the householder and is also trying to make the life of the householder happy, he believes that only by connecting with the people, the imagination of a healthy society and nation can take shape. The laboratory for the creation of healthy persons is - Family. They are active with the Sukhi Pariwar Abhiyan only to strengthen the family. India is waiting for Cultural Revolution today. This work cannot be left to the government machinery. Family, society and nation can be made independent in the true sense only by the right education and the creation of right values.

In my view, the efforts of Gani RajendraVijayji are the incarnation of a light in the tribal region; it is such a light which is becoming the solution to problems like violence, terrorism, Naxalism, Maoism. Often we seek solutions to these problems through politics, while the crisis seems to be deeper than the solution. Because due to political interests these neglected and lacked people have been seen to be exploited. The tribal society is committed under the leadership of Gani RajendraVijayji to illuminate the life of this tribal region and inspire the entire humanity. The foundation of non-violent society among the tribal community is created by Gani Rajendra Vijayji, his spiritual fast. Many times he not only pacified the bloody struggle, but brought different opposing groups on one platform. Whereas the factions were eager to kill each other with various weapons for widespread violence and loss of life. Making this zone non-violent surrounded by wide possibilities of violence will be called a revolution and a miracle. Truly tribal people need love, compassion, affection and support which is possible only through human welfare ventures like saint like Ganiji and Sukhi Pariwar Abhiyan, truly a light is coming up, which is also exemplary for other violence-hit areas.

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