11.05.2020 ►Delhi ►An Online Spiritual Meeting by Anuvrat Samiti

Published: 16.05.2020
Updated: 16.05.2020

Delhi: 11.05.2020

Peace Parade - An Online Restrained Spiritual Evening

Due to worldwide Corona Virus pandemic, Anuvrat Anushasta Acharya Mahashraman on his birth anniversary, initiation - “Diksha”, and re-consecration - “Patotsava” day requested his devotees for no celebrations this year. So, his devotees resolved to restrain themselves and inspired the society to adopt tenacity along with chanting charitable worships for mental health.
Following Acharya Mahashraman’s shown path to peaceful life, Anuvrat Samiti Delhi organised an online training for a balanced Physical, Mental and Emotional health in the form of “Peace Parade - A Spiritual Cultural Evening” in Anuvrat Samiti Delhi Online Group led by Dr. P.C. Jain (President, Anuvrat Samiti Delhi).
Mr. Ashok Ji Dungarwal (President, Anuvarat Mahasimiti) gave best wishes for this event based on morality, de addiction and harmony.. Former President Shri Surendra Ji Jain and Shri Dalam Ji Chand Kothari praised and putforth his views on morality. In this evening, Dr. Kamal Sethia sung the Anuvrat song. Anubivabha President - Mr. Sanjay Jain suggested the Anuvrat way of attaining peace in this current global crisis. Anuvrat Spokesperson Dr. Mahendra Ji Karnavat shared the sources of peace in society with the practical works of de-addiction. Mahasabha Vice President - Mr. Sukhraj Ji Sethia represented himself as Acharya Tulsi - spreading the message of peaceful healing from spirituality to American people. JST President, Delhi - Shri Tejkaran Ji Surana termed religious tolerance as the path to world peace. Prof. Ratan Jain (General Secretary, Jain Mahasabha) said that today is the right time to understand and follow Anuvrat values, so the society should play an important role as indicated by the Anuvrat Anushasta. Mr. Mahendra Jain, former Editor of Anuvrat magazine and Anuvrat Writer Awardee, threw light upon the role of media in spreading peace and goodwill message of Anuvrat. Mr. Sukhminder Singh Grewal (Punjab BJP Incharge) described the intensive tasks of de-addiction programmes done by him as the offerings to him by the peacemaker Acharya Shri Mahashraman Ji. Mr. Rajesh Jain(Producer, Blue Mountain Films) said that by depicting the Eleven Rules of Anuvrat in films, the society can have a positive impact in mass movement form. Shri Dilip Ji Baid (Swami Dharmanandji, Art Of Living) presented a video of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Ji(Indian Spiritual Leader, Art Of Living) based on peace and spirituality. Shri Lakshman Ji Neotia (Senior Writer & Thinker, Nepal), presented a beautiful poem on Mother's Day in a brilliant style. Shri Shantilalji Patawari (Senior Vice President, Anuvrat Samiti Delhi) spoke encouraging words for all. Shri Shanti Kumar Jain(Advisor, ASD) presented a melodious Sangh Gaan. Dr. Dhanpat Lunia (Advisor, Anuvrat Samiti Delhi) presented himself as Dr. Martin Luther King. Mr. Ashok Baid (Shahdara Sabha President) putforth his views on Goodwill, and Mrs. Nirmala Kothari(President, Mahila Mandal) shared her ideas on Mother's Day.
The General Secretary of Anuvrat Samiti Delhi - Dr. Kusum Lunia gave Vote of Thanks and Mr. Rajeev Mahnot efficiently managed the whole programme.

Dr Kusum Lunia
Edited by Sushil Bafana
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