Published: 06.03.2018

A quantum of the karmadalika (karmic clus­ters) which comes simultaneously into Udaya (rise) in one Samaya (smallest time-unit)- That specific constitution of the Karma-pudgalas (material clusters qua Karma), which is in consonance with the fruition that takes place every Samaya (smallest time-unit); when the period of Abādhākāla (dormancy) is over, the phenomenon or the construction of the Karmaniṣeka takes place, which is as follows: the bound Karmas start giving fruit gradually; they get divided into 'quanta'; each quantum would come into rise, one after the other in a sequence. In the first Samaya, the quantum of the Karmaniṣeka is larger than that which would drip in the second Samaya; the quantum in the third Samaya would be still less and so on; there will be a gradual drop down in the quantum.

karmaniṣeko nāma karmadalikasyānubhavanārthaṃ racanāviśeṣaḥ. tatra ca prathamasamaye bahukaṃ niṣiñcati dvitīyasamaye viśeṣahīnaṃ tṛtīyasamaye viśeṣahīnamevaṃ yāvadutkṛṣṭasthitikaṃ karmadalikaṃ tāvad viśeṣahīnaṃ niṣiñcati.

(Bhaga 6.34 Vṛ)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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