Samani Charitra Pragya At FIU : Life Of A Jain Nun

Published: 23.09.2006
Updated: 13.02.2008
On 19 th September 2006, Samani Charitra Pragyaji gave a public talk at Florida International University (FIU), Graham Center Ballroom. The topic was ‘Life of a Jain Nun'.

Samani Charitra Pragyaji giving her lecture

The lecture was well attended by students and professors, who were glad to use the opportunity to discuss the subject with someone knowing from own experience for what kind of life Jain nuns have said farewell, to focus on the inner world. The audience was impressed to know how importance laid on inner reality and non-violence and peace are supporting the building of a detached, but open and reality-based personality. All questions were answered, and everybody enjoyed the increase of knowledge of a tradition following the path of Ahimsa.

The audience

Source: Samani Charitra Pragya
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