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Acharyashree Mahashraman Ji enters in the West Bengal State of India for the fourth time and reaches TUMONI Village on Jharkhand-West Bengal Boarder

Tumoni (West Bengal): 13th  May 2017

Acharya Mahashramanji, the 11th Head of Jain Shwetamber Terapanth Sect reached West Bengal on 13th May, 2017 in course of his Ahimsa Yatra which is propagating the values of Goodwill amongst people, Morality and de-addiction amongst the masses.

In last 16 months it was the fourth instance that H.H. Acharyashree has touched the soil of West Bengal with ongoing Ahimsa Yatra, which had began on 9th November, 2014 from the Red fort, New Delhi. Ahimsa Yatra propitiously entered West Bengal (Tumoni) today on 13th May 2017. A huge number of lay followers from Kolkata reached for welcoming Ahimsa Yatra and His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman. People of West Bengal welcomed Ahimsa Yatra and His Holiness by their ethos.

A determined spokesperson of Non-violence and world peace, preacher of spiritual, cultural and philosophical values, a vigilant soldier putting in effort for imbibing moral values, moving on foot from one end of the country to another is the Great persona Achaya Mahashraman Ji, the eleventh Acharya of the 260 year old Jain Shwetamber Terapanth Sect.

On the Jharkhand –West Bengal boarder, Acharyashree was welcomed and greeted by West Bengal State Monister Sri Ashish Banerjee.  The minister said that he is happy to welcome Acharyashree Mahashraman Ji as State Guest on behalf of the West Bengal chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Sri Kamal Dugar, President of Acharya Mahashraman Prawas Vyawastha Samiti-2017, Kolkata and many other office bearers welcomed Acharyashree on the Boarder. Prawas vyawastha Samiti and South Howrah Mahila Mandal presented an interesting Verse in Bengali dress and cultural look. Sadhvi Pramukha Kanak Prabha Ji was also greeted by all and lay followers. Acharyashree said in Sanskrit language that our Ahimsa Yatra is continuing. In this Ahimsa Yatra we have travelled through many states of the country. We came to West Bengal earlier also and now again we are here. We preach the people to accept three vows - Goodwill amongst the masses, Moral Values and de-addiction and live their life accordingly. Sri Kamal Dugar-President AMPVS2017-Kolkata presented his welcome speech with words of devotion and gratitude towards Acharyashree that this is good luck for the soil of West Bengal, in particular the people of Kolkata Greater. Sri Shikharchand Lunawat, Sri jatan Parakh, Sri Tejkaran Bothra, Smt. Amrao choraria, Smt. Lila choraria etc.  expressed their views welcoming Acharyashri Ji and the white brigade. On the occasion there was a good presence of hundreds of lay followers apart from the youths from Teyup - Kolkata, South Kolkata, Purvanchal Kolkata, South Howrah and North Howrah. Sri Madan chand Nahata, former Secretary of South Howrrah Sabha and former Jt. Secretary of Kolkata Sabha was looking after the Bhojnalaya arrangements  apart from other assignments.

His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman Ji preached in today's Prime Sermon that, reason of bondage and Salvation is psyche (Bhav) and also feelings (man). So bonding (Karm bandhan) as well as salvation (Karm Kshay) occurs because of Psyche. Body and words is miner (insignificant) the root cause is feeling and psyche. So which psyche are bondage giving and which one is salvation giving? The psyche which is engrossed in materialistic world is bondage giving for a human being.. His Holiness wished that in the social life, let there be purity of thought and action, let there be formation of national character, let there be goodwill for each other amongst the people of the land, let there be upbringing of truthfulness and good habits among the masses.

Ahimsa Yatra’s first entry in West Bengal: 3rd February, 2016

Acharya Mahashraman ji entered West Bengal for the first time on 3rd February, 2016 crossing the boundary of Bihar State. West Bengal became the 9th State of India, after Acharyashree become Acharya after sad demise of Acharya Mahapragya Ji at Sardarshahr in the year 2010. So far Acharya Mahashraman Ji has travelled through Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and the 9th being West Bengal. In fact, after attaining sainthood, Acharyashree had travelled to 10 states, Maharashtra being the other state in addition to the above mentioned 9 states of the Union of India.

People started Gathering at Baisi (Bihar) for joining the days Ahimsa Yatra. The Yatra could not begin on the schedule due to bad weather and it began at 8.53 AM from Baisi. A Sangh (Group) of over 125 lay followers from Greater Kolkata came under the auspices of Shri Jain Sweetamber Terapanthi Sabha; Kolkata led by its dynamic president Sri Jawarilal Nahata and joined the on foot journey of about 14 Kms.  Many more people including Mahasabha president Sri Kamal Dugar, Secretary Sri Vinod Baid, were present to welcome Acharyashree in West Bengal. The leader of the TMC Parliamentary Party in Lok Sabha, Sri Sudip Bandopadhyay was also present to welcome Acharyashree in West Bengal, but due to delay in the schedule, he had darshan of Acharyashree in Bihar and expressed his good wishes for the Ahimsa Yatra along with the message of the West Bengal Chief Minister.

The Ahimsa Yatra which began today from Purnea District of Bihar also entered in the Katihar District for a while and then touched the Bengal soil at 11.53 A.M. by entering in the West Dinajpur District of West Bengal. Cultural Heritage of West Bengal and also Jainism along with teachings and purpose of Ahimsa Yatra were thoroughly displayed on both sides of the road of the Baisi-Dalkhola route. Mahasabha President Sri Kamal Dugar, General  Secretary Sri Vinod Baid, Kolkata Sabha President Sri Jawarilal Nahata, Kolkata Sabha Secretary Sri Sushil Jain Choraria, Sri Ramesh jain (organising Secretary), Sri Madan Nahata (Jt. Secretary), Sri Sushil Chopra and hundreds of lay followers from Greater Kolkata, Bihar, West Bengal and other parts of the country who  had gathered  to witness the golden moments, greeted Acharya shree on reaching West Bengal with Vandana and chanting the Slogan- Jai Jai Jyoticharan...Jai Jai Mahashraman. Acharyashree reached Dalkhola Terapanth Bhawan at 12.50 P.M. for his 5 days stay completing the days  on foot journey of 14 Kms.

The day’s program of abhinandan was organised. Sadhvi Pramukha Shree Ji said that the soil of Bengal is feeling proud of Acharyashree.  Acharyashree Mahashraman ji said - “We are moving on foot in Ahimsa Yare visiting various states of the country. We have also gone to Nepal.  For many saints and nuns West Bengal is new. We have come here for the first time. Let there be spiritual awakening in the people of this area”.  Muni Kumar Shraman Ji in his birth state and Muni Yogesh Kumar Ji in his working place of worldly life welcomed Acharyashree in  West Bengal. Gyanshala Students of Dalkhola and Terapanth Samaj Dalkhola presented Arti and verse.

Acharya Shree Tulsi had also come to West Bengal in the year 1959. But this area of West Bengal was not touched by him. So Acharya Mahashraman Ji became the first Acharya of Jain Terapanth Sect. to travel in this part of West Bengal. Many Saints including Acharyashree and Sadhvi Pramukha Ji has come to Bengal for the first time after initiation (Diksha).        

Ahimsa Yarty’s Second entry in West Bengal: 17th February, 2016:  PANJIPARA (WEST BENGAL)

After completing the 152nd  Maryada Mahotsav at Kishenganj and seven days (10-16 February, 2016) stay there at, Acharyashree Mahashraman Ji  left Kishenganj  from Digambar Jain Bhawan (the Prawas Sthal for Acharyashree Ji.) for Panjipara. on 17th February, 2017. Many people including the Jains and Non-Jains joined the day’s yatra for the next destination Panjipara which is in the West Dinajpur District of West Bengal. The State Police of West Bengal and the present lay followers welcomed the white Brigade (Dhawal Sena) led by H.H. Acharyashree Mahashraman Ji.

Ahimsa Yatra’s Third entry in West Bengal: 4th January, 2017: (BAXIRHAT, WEST BENGAL)

After 286 days Journey of Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya, Acharyashree  began the day’s journey for West Bengal. During these 286 days, Acharyashree spent 265 nights in Assam, 2 nights in Nagaland and 19 nights in Meghalaya. Ignoring the natural calamities and toughness, Hilly path and dangerous route, Acharyashree moved ahead and covered 1540 Kms on foot to prove that the determination and dedication removes all difficulties. Enroute Acharyashree tried to cover the places of lay followers and looked after their cultural and religious values apart from teachings to maintain values in life to all non-jains who came in touch with him. The day’s vihar was of 15.5 Kms. Acharyashree began from Dubri district of Assam and reached Baxirhat in Coochbihar district of West Bengal.

Acharya Tulsi was the first Terapanth Acharya to have his footprints engraved on the soil of West Bengal on 6th February, 1959 when his white Brigade reached Saura Kudli Village in Birbhum District:

Transaltion of excerpts from Acharya Tulsi’s book - ‘MERA JEEWAN MERA DARSHAN’

In the above referred book Acharya Shree Tulsi writes: “On the 6th February, Magh Krishna, 14; we entered the state of West Bengal. Bengal boosts of fertility; both of its land and its people. The soil of Bengal, is ideal for nurturing the seeds of discipline and spirituality. It is often said that “what Bengal thinks today, resonates in India’s tomorrow”.  When Babur was heading for the battle of Panipat, Mahaprabhu Chaitanya was propagating spirituality in Bengal. Bengal was the birthplace of the idea of “Equality of Religions”, initiated by Paramhans Ramkrishna. Swami Vivekananda made Indian Culture respected abroad. Sage Arvind an infused new perspective of spirituality. Flag-bearer of Society reform, Raja Rammohan Roy also started his movements from Bengal. Many other noble souls of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, World renowned Poet Rabindranath Tagore, renowned Novelist Sharatchandra have been associated with Bengal.

First time in the history of 200 years, the religious head of Terapanthi Sect travelled the states of UP, Bihar and Bengal restoring religion and morality. The travel was to terminate at Kolkata. Upon reaching Bengal, the happiness of reaching near our goal was unparallel. To celebrate the achievement, I kept a fast. I was accompanied by 21 Sadhvis and 24 Sadhus in my fast regime. Many members of the Parmartharik Shikshan Sanstha and other co-travellers also observed the fast. The first stay of the Bengal journey was at  Saura Kudli Village  and  from there in the afternoon we proceeded to Suri (in the Birbhum District of West Bengal). Mr. Mihir, a very humble man was a resident there. The fast regime included foot-travel for 23 kilometres and religious preaching thrice. If one is mentally content, then, foot-travel, preaching, meditation, introspection don’t feel cumbersome. “

Thus Ahimsa Yatra of Acharyashri Mahashramanji  with entry in West Bengal has again brought those memories of Acharya Tulsi back to the mind of Terapanthi lay followers.


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