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JAINA Convention 2017

Jai Jinendra!

JAINA convention will begin on Friday, June 30, 2017. We are less than two months away so it is very important to register and take part in activities that will be of interest to your family and friends. Link below allows you to register and sign up for other wonderful programs show below. JAINA Convention Board is extremely pleased to bring various prominent Scholars and Speakers for upcoming Convention. JAINA is honored to have them join us as distinguished speakers.The following are some of the world renowned speakers, and there are several others we will highlighted in upcoming Newsletters.

To Register visit http://convention.jaina.org


Convener, JAINA Convention 2017


Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni is a social reformer, versatile thinker, writer and poet. For the last 30 years, he has been continuously making efforts for establishing communal harmony, non- violence, peace, mutual co-operation in the society. Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni has earned limitless love, fame and respect not only in India but also at the International level due to his steadfastness, knowledge, energy and perseverance. He is master in the field of Peace Education. His contribution is the mode of popular 'Peace Education' which is an administer of age- old meditation and Yoga and current scientific research. It brings an end to the animal instinct in the human beings and awakens the human and spiritual values.


Baba Ramdev born as Ramkrishna Yadav in Haryana is a yoga guru known for his work in ayurveda, business and agriculture. Patanjali Yogpeeth is an institute founded for the promotion and practice of Yoga and Ayurveda. He founded the Patanjali Group of Institutions.Baba Ramdev founded the Divya Yog Mandir Trust in 1995.A large number of people, celebrities from India & abroad attended his Yoga camps.He taught yoga to many celebrities in India and in foreign countries including Britain, the US & Japan. He has earned many Awards including one in July 2007 by British House Of Commons. Baba Ramdev was honored by Legislature of State of New Jersey in April 2017. Magazine India Today Ranked #5th in India's 50 Most powerful people of 2017 list.


You got the talent? We’ve got the stage! Showcase your talent in front of thousands of audience. Does your band rock and roll? Do your rhymes have rhythm and soul? Is there a juggler within you or a comedian too? Do you dance with stars or have a singer’s voice? Then it’s time to bring your talent to the JAINA Convention! “Jains Got Talent (JGT)” offer you an unique opportunity to showcase your talent in front of the entire Jain Community during the JAINA convention. You can perform a skit or a comedy routine, recite a poem, dance, sing, mime, play a musical instrument, perform gymnastics or a martial art, do magic, puppetry no matter what talent you can bring, we have a platform for you!

It's a talent competition that features Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Comedians, and other performers - all competing to be the winner. Jains Got Talent is an opportunity for talented amateurs or unknown performers to show their talent in front of their own community during the JAINA convention in Edison, NJ from June 30th through July 4th 2017. You can perform a skit or a comedy routine, recite a poem, dance, sing, mime, play a musical instrument, perform gymnastics or a martial art, do magic, puppetry - no matter the talent, we have a platform for you! There will be three categories based on age and number of participants registered within age group:

Group 1: Age 17 years and under; Group 2: Age 18 to 34 years; Group 3: Age 35 years and above. Competition will be between the contestants of the same category. Contestants can choose between submitting a solo act or a group act, but must stay consistent throughout all stages (audition, preliminary rounds, and grand finale).

The theme for JAINA is “Jainism & Science”. While it is not necessary to incorporate the theme in the performance, it would be appreciated if the acts can incorporate this theme in their performances. The deadline for receipt of the application form and the audition materials is May 21, 2017.


Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) is a team-based competition for young Jains (up to age 21) held each year at the JAINA and YJA Conventions. This competition tests the students’ overall knowledge of Jain Philosophy, Jain History, Sutras, Tirthankars, revered Jain personalities, the Jain Way of Life, and more in a fast game show format. JAB is a great experience for all participants. It helps everyone to increase their knowledge of Jainism, provides an opportunity to forge new friendships with Pathshala students nationwide, and much more. In the end, every participant is a winner because of the immense knowledge they acquire and having fun by being a participant in this team based competition. You must be registered for the Convention and for JAB to participate. All JAB questions are derived from 400 page JAB manual which consists of several chapters of Jain Philosophy, Conducts, Rituals, Festivals, Jain History, Literature, Sects, and Jain Stories. This manual was prepared two years ago by the JAB manual team using all Jaina Pathashala material.


The cultural program is an interactive and artistic way of keeping our Jain traditions, heritage and values alive. These traditions have been followed for the last 36 years at each biennial JAINA Conventions. Our community will be presented an opportunity to showcase their talents while maintaining our Jain traditions and heritage through this program.

JAINA Convention Board invites all JAIN CENTERS to participate in "JAINA Sparks Radiantly” Culture Program.

July 2017 is approaching faster than we know it and with it comes your opportunity to reunite with family, old friends, make new friends, and even build lasting memories. Part of these lasting memories involves you and your individual Jain Center’s unique and inspiring talents at Jaina Convention 2017. We invite your Jain Center to showcase your talent by participating in exciting Cultural Program entitled “JAINA Sparks Radiantly (JSR)”. The convention 2017 theme is “Jainism and Science”. We are expecting over 4,000 attendees from North America and around the world. What better way to participate in this global convention of family and friends? JAINA will SPARK with your Jain Center’s amazing talents!

For information write to culturalprogram2017[at]jaina.org and convener2017[at]jaina.org


This Convention, get your yoga pants and bring out your inner Yogi! To relax after those super active sessions of Convention, the team has organized morning Yoga and Meditation on July 1 - 4. These sessions will rejuvenate your mind and body to remain active all day for Convention events.

Our Youth Activities (age 14-23) incorporate evening activities, a parallel to the adult cultural program, for young Jains who are interested in educational, social, charitable and cultural networking with like-minded, meeting new and old friends and learning about Jainism. Also, there will be Ahimsa Concert, a DJ Dance and much more. Please register for Convention and Youth Activities to participate.

Get excited and be ready to groove your feet, on all those vibrant Rass-Garba songs, with your friends and family! Convention team has organized Raas Garba Night led by award winning playback singer and music director Uday Mazmudar with Rekha Trivedi on the night of June 30. We look forward to match steps with you and create an amazing night. Dress code is traditional attire for ladies (i.e. Chanya Choli, Sari, Salwar Kameez) and gentlemen (i.e. Kurta Pyjama/Dhoti, Sherwani).

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