Published: 18.01.2017
Updated: 19.01.2017

1. A Paryāya (mode) or an unit for measuring the intensity of a quality.

guṇāḥ- aṃśaḥ paryāyaḥ.

(Anuma Vṛ Pa 101)

2. Quality- The concomitant characteristic of the Dravya (substance), which subsists in a substance (which becomes its substratum); but it (quality) itself is not possessed of any quality.

dravyāśrayā nirguṇā guṇāḥ.

(Tasū 5.40)

guṇāḥ sahabhāvī dharmo yathātmani vijnānavyakiiśaktyādiḥ.

(Pranata 5.7)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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