Published: 11.01.2017

1. One of the server posts in a religious order. That ascetic (Muni), who is on a par with the Ācārya (preceptor) in the Sangha (religious order) and who, by the order of the Ācārya, undertakes independent sojourns with the monastic Saṅgha.

yastvācāryadeśiyo gurvādeśāt sādhuganam grhītvā prthag viharati sa ganadharah.

(ĀVṛ p.236)

2. That ascetic (Muni), who is entrusted with the responsibility of making the arrangements (of the sojourning place etc.) for the nuns.

'ganadharah' samyatīparivartakah.

(Bṛbhā 4150 Vṛ)

3. That ascetic (Muni), who is the sūtrakartā (i.e., who composes the canonical texts on the basis of the direct revealation to him by the Tīrthankara (ford-founder)); e.g., the eleven chief disciples of Mahāvīra.


(Āvani 211 HāVṛ p.90)

4. That ascetic (Muni), who brings about the growth (and development) of the Gana (2) (monastic sub-order) without committing any kind of Virādhanā (i.e., breach of punctilious observance) of the prescribed conduct for the knowledge etc.

jnānādīnāmavirādhanām kurvan yo gaccham parivardhayati sa ganadharah.

(Vyabhā 1375 Vṛ p.5)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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