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Published: 15.11.2016
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Constitution of Terapanth

Extracted from: "Rahasya Bhikshu Ke"

Question 1: What the time period prior to initiation to spiritual life of Acharya Bhikshu was called?
Answer: Usha Kaal (The Dawn).

Question 2: When, where and in which direction did Saint Bhikhanji and other saints accept Bhav Diksha (spiritual initiation)?
Answer: On Full Moon Day of Aashadh in V.S. 1817; 29thJune 1760 AD, the Saturday, at 7.30 PM in Kelwa (Rajnagar) in North-East direction (The day was 28th June, Saturday as per historical calendar).

Question 3: Acharya Bhikshu accepted spiritual initiation along with how many saints?
Answer: Four Saints: Saint Harnathji, Saint Tokarji, Saint Bharmalji and Saint Veerbhanji.

Question 4: Acharya Bhikshu and other saints did fasting for how many days before accepting spiritual initiation?
Answer: Three days of fasting.

Question 5: Which Character did Aacharya Bhikshu and other saint accepted at the time of their spiritual initiation?
Answer: Right Character

Question 6: Name thirteen saints who accepted spiritual initiation on Full Moon day of Aashadh Month?

  1. Muni Thirpalji,
  2. Muni Fatehchandji,
  3. Muni VeerbhanJi,
  4. Muni Tokarji,
  5. Muni Harnathji,
  6. Muni Bharmalji,
  7. Muni LikhamiChandji,
  8. Muni BakhataRamji,
  9. Muni Gulabji,
  10. Muni Bharmalji lind,
  11. Muni RoopChandji,
  12. Muni PremJiand
  13. Acharya Bhikshu.

Question 7:Who had been identified as senior saints by Acharya Bhikshu after spiritual initiation?
Answer: Saint Thirpalji and Fatehchandji

Question 8: Where did Acharya Bhikshu conduct his chaturmaas after spiritual inititation?
Answer: At Kelwa

Question 9: Who bestowed the Patras (Food Container) for the first time to Acharya Bhikshu after his spiritual initiation?
Answer: Thakur Mokham Singh from Kelwa.

Question 10: Who considered the visit of Acharya Bhikshu to Kelwa as most auspicious sign for himself?
Answer: Thakur Mokhamji of Kelwa.

Question 11: Where did Acharya Bhikshu go for Gochari after spiritual initiation?
Answer: At Kingdom of Kelwa on First day of Krishan Paksha of Shrawan Month.

Question 12: What is related to the Terapanth's Constitution day?
Answer: It is the day of Spiritual Initiation of Acharya Bhikshu.

Question 13: When was Terapanth constituted?
Answer: Full Moon Day of Aashadh month in V.S 1817

Question 14: When did Acharya Bhikshu and his identified code of conduct become a matter of discussion for the common folk?
Answer: Three and a quarter months; from Ram Navmi to Full Moon Day of Aashadh month.

Question 15: What were the propitious signs observed when Acharya Bhikshu visited Kelwa after spiritual initiation?
Answer: Very good first rains, indication of good agricultural production and calm environment were the good omen on the arrival of Aacharya Bhikshu.

Question 16: On which day Acharya Bhikshu visited Kelwa for his first Chaturmaas?
Answer: Thursday, the thirteenth day of Shukla Paksha of Aashadh month.

Question 17: When Acharya Bhikshu didn't find suitable place for his chaturmaas at Kelwa, which place was suggested by the Jain followers (Shravaks)?
Answer: At Andheri Ori, local Jain temple

Question 18: The temple at Andheri Ori pertains to which Tiranthankar and what was the period of its construction?
Answer: It is of Lord Chandraprabhuji, the eighth Jain Tirthankara and it was constructed in Vikram Samwat 1023, the second day of Aashadh Shukla.

Question 19: What was the position of Andheri Ori?
Answer: It was a dark,unventilated place

Question 20: What was the hearsay about Andheri Ori?
Answer: Nobody could get alive out of it if one stayed there at night

Question 21: "Saanp bhi mar Jaaye aur lathi bhi na tute: Killing the snake without breaking the stick"; keeping this phrase in mind who suggested Acharya Bhikshu to stay in Andheri Ori and when?
Answer:The Jain followers of Kelwa on thirteenth day of Shukla Paksh of Aashadh in Vikram Samvant 1817.

Question 22: Where and when the snake took the feet of Saint Bharmalji into its grip?
Answer:ln the evening outside the Andheri Ori when Saint Bharmalji went for nature's call after evening Pratikraman.

Question 23: Which mantra was recited by Acharya Bhikshu when the snake had taken gripofthefeet of Saint Bharmalji?
Answer: He recited Navkaar Mahamantra.

Question 24: What was the age of Saint Bharmalji when the snake took the grip of his feet?
Answer:Fourteen Years

Question 25: Why did Acharya Bhikshu call Bharmalji inside the Andheri Ori?
Answer:Because Saint Bharmalji was standing under the open sky.

Question 26: What was the response of Saint Bharmalji?
Answer: He said "Gurudev, how can I come inside; A snake has taken my feet into its grip".

Question 27: What was the action of Acharya Bhikshu when he saw the snake around the feet of Saint Bharmalji?
Answer: He recited Navkaar Mantra and then told: "Oh Aarya! you are a deity and this place belongs to you and if you don't want us to stay here, without your permission, please let us know".

Question 28: When did Yakshdev come to Acharya Bhikshu and what did he say to him?
Answer: Yakshdev appeared before Acharya Bhikshu after midnight and after offering his obeisance said, "there would be no obstacles hereafter, stay here comfortably," and requested to take heed of two things.

Question 29: What were the two things Yakshdev requested Acharya Bhikshu for?
Don't use the place earmarked by snake for meeting nature's call.
None other than you should sit on platforms on both sides of the interior place.

Question 30: Acharya Bhikshu conquered over whom on the very first day of his stay at Kelwa?
Answer: The problems created by deity.

Question 31: When did the residents of Kelwa notice the will power of Acharya Bhikshu?
Answer: When they observed the courage of Saint Bharmalji and the constant awareness of Acharya Bhikshu.

Question 32: Where did Acharya Bhikshu etc., the thirteen saints take decision to accept new initiation?
Answer: At Rajnagar.

Question 33: Name the village which was gifted by Thakur Mokham Singhji to the person who helped him in listening Acharya Bhikshu?
Answer: Keringpura (Kesarisinghpura)

Question 34: Acharya Bhikshu was which Acharya of Terepanth?
Answer: First Acharya.

Question 35: Who accepted Gurudharana after the constitution of Terapanth and where?
Answer: Mundasji Kothari, the Head of Kelwa, Bherji Choraria, younger grand uncle of famous Shravak Shobhji and Kesoji Choraria accepted the first Gurudharana at Andheri Ori.

Question 36: Who was the first jain monk of Terapanth?
Answer: Muni Thirpal Ji.


TPF Communique 2016.02, p.7
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