Published: 08.08.2016

Extended existence- The Skandha (aggregate) which consists of Pradeśās which are indivisible and undetachable parts of the substance-  e.g., Dhamiāstikāya (fundamental substance qua medium of motion), Adharmāstikāya (fundamental substance qua medium of rest), Ākāśāstikāya (fundamental substance qua space); Jīvāstikāya- the entire set of Jīvas (souls); the entire set of Paramāṇus (the ultimate atoms), i.e., Pudgalāstikāya (fundamental substance qua physical order of existence).

davvao ṇaṃ dhammatthikāe ege davve. davvao ṇaṃ adhammatthikāe ege davve. davvao ṇaṃ āgāsatthikāe ege davve. davvao ṇaṃ jīvatthikāe aṇaṃtāiṃ jivadavvāiṃ. davvao ṇaṃ poggalatthikāe aṇaṃtāiṃ davvāiṃ.

(Bhaga 2.125-129)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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