Published: 07.06.2016

1. Ignorance - Lack of knowledge due to the rise of Jñānāvaraṇīya (knowledge-veiling) Karma.

jñānābhāvarūpam audayikamjñānam.

(Jaisidī 2.32)

2. The knowledge of a Mithyātvī (a Jīva posse­ssed of deluded world-view), which, although is obtained due to the Kṣayopaśama (annihilation-cum-subsidence) of Jñānāvaraṇīya (knowledge-veiling) Karma, is termed as Ajñāna (on account of the owner's deluded world-view).

mithyādṛṣṭerjñānamapi mithyādarśanodayaparigrahādajñānaṃ bambhaṇyate.

(ViBhā 520 Vṛ p.238)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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