Published: 31.05.2016
Updated: 06.06.2016

1. The twelve Aṅgas (1) (principal canonical works) (such as Ācārānga and the like); the principal canonical works which are pro­pounded by the Arhata (1) (Tīrthaṅkara (ford-founder)) and composed by the Gaṇadharas (3) (composers of the canonical works).

Gaṇahara-therakayaṃ vā, āesā mukkavāgaranao vā. dhuva-calavisesao vā, aṃgāṇagesu nāṇattaṃ...

(ViBhā 550)

2. A part of Kālika Śruta, the eleven Aṅgas (1) (principal canonical works).

Kāliyasuyaparimāṇasaṃkhā... aṃgasaṃkhā.

(Anu 571)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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