Published: 05.05.2015
Shrimals, Srimal, Srimals, Vania

Shrimal Jain or Vania is an ancient Jain and Hindu community originally from Rajasthan, Shrimal or Bhinmal town in southern Rajasthan.

They were traditionally wealthy merchants and money Lenders and have always been prominent at the court of Rajput kings as treasurers and ministers, holding the titles of Dewan or Durbari. It is believed that this caste descends from the Goddess Laxmi and their descendants today are well known for their business acumen and are in possession of Havelis and mansions given to them as gifts from kings for their service as royal treasurers, ministers, courtiers and advisors. The Shrimal (Srimal) Jain are thought to be the highest gotra in the Oswal merchant and minister caste which is found primarily in the north of India,see Oswal. It is believed that a number of the Srimal formed their own caste separate from the Oswal, which can be evidenced by the fact that the majority of Srimals are Jain which is the case with the Oswal caste who descend from the Raja of Osnagar a Rajput prince who converted to Jainism upon witnessing Sri Ratan Suri a Jain ascetic bring his son back to life, see Oswal. A small portion of the Srimals are still Hindu and follow the vaishnav path while worshipping their kuladevi, Goddess Laxmi.


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