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Published: 20.02.2015
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2014.09.26 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01015

Entry to the conference

2014.09.26 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01020

Christian Geerdes, Carla Geerdes, Manish Kuhar, member of organisation team

2014.09.26 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01023

These volunteers were welcoming the participants with the traditional Indian welcome by marking their fronts with saffron paste and putting flower necklaces on. In Jain events flowers are replaced by man-made flowers or beautiful dry fruits and ribbons because of Ahimsa

From 26. - 28.09.2014 Anuvrat International Conference took place at ASK in Delhi as a contribution to the celebration of the centenary of 9. Jain Svetambara Terapanth Acharya Tulsi. At this occasion about 35 international participants from 3 continents, America, Asia, Europe, and 20 national participants from the Indian subcontinent met for the following subjects:

  • Relevance of Anuvrat in Day to Day Life

    Anuvrat movement was founded by Acharya Tulsi on 1st March 1949 as a global, non-sectarian movement for individuals worldwide as a response to the throwing of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the millions of victims in World War II. The subject mentioned above is about relevance and significance of such a movement 55 years after its foundation. By following so-called small vows (Anuvratas: Anu = small as an atom) the vowing individuals declare the 11 Anuvratas being the base of their acting in social life.
  • Ecology And Conservation Of Environment

    Conservation of environment also can be practised by an individual, e.g. by using things with care seeming naturally available for those of us living in countries where water can comfortably be taken whenever wanted from one or several tubes in the apartment. Only in 2010 the access to clean water was declared in UN resolution 64/292 as Human Right. This means in practice at least not to waste water and using it by being aware of the fact that unfortunately over 800 millions of people do not have access to clean water. Another vow is on not cutting trees.
  • Sustainability And Circular Economy

    Our survival and that of future generations depends on respectfully treating our planet, resp. its living beings, resources, raw materials, as well as water and air, and on a form of production taking all this into account by bringing about most results with lesser use of material. Instead of wasting raw materials for the production of short-lived consumer goods contributing to the rapidly growing mountains of rubbish after use, the sustainable form of circular economy is more suitable to ensure not only to us, but also to our descendants a life in prosperity, comfort, and dignity.

2014.09.26 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01037

Carla Geerdes expresses her congratulations to Vikas Chhajer, chief representative of Gemini Corporation for the organisation of the conference, to be in time with all preparations and for his phantastic team. In the background Dr. Peter Flügel, SOAS London, UK, and Gordon Anderson, JVB New Jersey, USA, are talking

The different background of the participants (List and biographies of participants: http://www.herenow4u.net/index.php?id=100929) as well as the choice of subjects show clearly that this conference was interesting because professionals from different areas of science, economy and spirituality came together here to reflect the burning problems of the age or to propose solutions from their area of expertise. They really inspired the audience to reflect on the same. Another landmark were the many contributions reporting on and analysing the background of Anuvrat, as well as providing knowledge on Jain culture and philosophy underlying. Acharya Tulsi has created a forum for individuals worldwide with Anuvrat Movement. Here awareness is developed that it is particularly in the individuals’ power to decide what is determining their actions, and what in no way at all. Individuals as policy makers of the ethical values in their lives, independent of any social or religious consensus, are taking over the responsibility for their lives.  

2014.09.26 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01102

Surendra Borad Patawari, chairman of Gemini Corporation, respectfully welcomes Sadhvi Mukhya Niyojika Vishrut Vibha to the conference, at her side Sadhvi Dr. Rajul Prabha and Sadhvi Tanmay Prabha. In the row behind (f.l.) Samani Charitra Pragya, Vice-Chancellor JVBU Ladnun, saying hello to Dr. Peter Flügel, SOAS, London, UK, and Samani Niyojika Dr. Riju Pragya

Therewith also the increasing appropriation of (surely also the contemporary!) humans by the inducements of the assets (essence of a material world outlook) since the 20th century is clearly rejected, and so is the well-spread attitude, “If am not going to do this, another person will and have all the earnings!”. So the individual has the choice of the means at its disposal and can realise this by a simple, “No, not this way, but yet this!” in the form of vows. The arrangement of this unique, present life on the base of an own scale as base of acting or non-acting according to the inner reality offers in a largely alienated world the biggest impact on the most precious and biggest thing by small steps: the own life. This is not expected to be risked for an idea or a Fuehrer, but is free to be designed as a milestone on the path to the aim of an own identity and a location where the individual can and will be at home, the spiritual home.

2014.09.28 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01340

Acharya Mahashraman 

The forum of Anuvrat Movement is open for people worldwide, having made up their minds for character building, resp. by abstaining from all kind of actions harming other living beings. For it, courage, determination, and the readiness even to understand smallest steps as progressing towards the goal are required. How often people have failed with big ideas because of lacking energy and strength of character. Who once has succeeded in a small thing, but difficult to refrain from (e.g. taking less sweets or fast food) knows very well how much energy such a victory over the inner enemies is providing for further projects. Likewise the bigger goals are approached step by step, and so they become reachable according to the capacities of the individual. The underlying thought is that changed individuals are resulting in a changed world. The more individuals are working on building their characters, the better a place the world will become.

2014.09.28 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01353

The wisdom of knowing, but not judging the human nature, which in big parts consists in succumbing to the charm of the path with least obstacles, is one of the requirements. It results in creating mindfulness for the small steps also lessening the distance to the goal and in accepting that the reaching of an aim starts with the first step how tiny it might be. (The slug on her way to the mountain peak…) On the way to vegetarianism for example the first step might be one meat-free day in a month. If one has no longer difficulties with changing the food habits and enjoys being part of those who live and let live one might be ready to increase to two and then more and more days, until the goal is reached. Important is the readiness to realise what is in mind, and to perform steps in the size one is able to go. Of course this means to know oneself, and where the obstacles are to expect.

2014.09.28 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01349

Terapanthin at he gathering...

2014.09.28 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01385

...held in the presence of the international participants of the conference

2014.09.28 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference N6004

Maneka Gandhi, cabinet minister, environment and animal rights activist, author, gave a well-noticed speech on environment and animal protection  

The opening of the organisers to the international community by giving an international frame to the conference, inviting international speakers and national speakers ready for discussions on global level, has contributed to awake a broader public’s interest for the approach, to solve the problems of the age by individual, small steps, and, last not least, the person of its founder and his community. In the majority they were multipliers as university professors, representatives of Medias, private research institutions and internationally renowned communities of faith. Surendra Borad Patawari several times asked the participants to make up their minds for quantifiable results. Perhaps a second Anuvrat International Conference might be possibly the forum for the opportunity to exchange opinions and even experiences on this subject.

2014.09.26 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01062

Dr. Muhammed Muzzammil Cader, Sri Lanka, Prof. Dr. Christine Chojnacki, Lyon, France

2014.09.26 HN4U @ Delhi Anuvrat Int. Conference 01058

Dr. Rudi Jansma, representative of Theosophical Society Jaipur, Bircan Ünver, Light Millenium, NY, in the background "American Gandhi", Bernie Meyer, former catholic priest in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Last not least special thanks to all members of the team involved with the conference and the many volunteers. With their kindness and readiness for service and support all of them have created an atmosphere making the memories of the conference exceptional. Not only because of the many mental inspirations given there, but also because of the cheerful enthusiasm they were performing their tasks. No matter what and who, their welcoming attitude reached and touched the hearts of the participants. The Indian saying, “Guest is God,” has become a bright reality by them.   

To report on the variety of lectures here would go beyond the scope of this report. That’s why we have decided to give the links for direct access to the detailed conference documentati

Anuvrat Code Of Conduct:

  1. I will not willfully kill any innocent creature.
    I will not commit suicide.
    I will not commit foeticide.

  2. I will not attack anybody.
    I will not support aggression.
    I will endeavor to bring about world peace and disarmament.

  3. I will not take part in violent agitations or in any destructive activities.

  4. I will believe in human unity.
    I will not discriminate on the basis of the caste, color, sect, etc, nor will treat anyone as untouchable.

  5. I will practice religious toleration.
    I will not rouse sectarian frenzy.

  6. I will observe rectitude in business and general behavior.
    I will not harm others in order to serve any ends.
    I will not practice deceit.

  7. I will set limits to the practice of continence and acquisition.

  8. I will not resort to unethical practices in elections.

  9. I will not encourage socially evil customs.

  10. I will lead a life free from addictions.
    I will not use intoxicants like alcohol, hemp, heroin, tobacco, etc.

  11. I will always be alert to the problem of keeping the environment pollution-free.
    I will not cut down trees.
    I will not waste water.

Photos 26.-28.09.2014:

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