The 9 Petalled Flower Of Peace - Footnotes To The Jaipur Declaration

Published: 07.01.2015
Updated: 19.07.2015
The 9 Petalled Flower Of Peace

This declaration has arisen out the conference of January 2014, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, hosted by the Anuvrat Vishva Bharati (Anuvibha) Jain organisation, in which eminent educators and peace activists from across the world, and from India, were invited to come together and discuss models for a peaceful, nonviolent and sustainable world society. After several days of discussion, the following Declaration is an attempt to sum up the fruits of our deliberations, and is couched in the form of the Anuvrat concept of small vows (anuvrat), to be undertaken by non-specialist religious practitioners or householders, who want to help mankind advance to a more peaceful path.
Author: Thomas Clough Daffern
Publisher: IIPSGP
Edition: 2014.04, 1st Edition
Pages: 114
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HN4U Online Edition: The 9 Petalled Flower Of Peace


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