JSM ►Celebrated one of the Holiest Festivals of Jainism – Paryushan Maha Parva

Published: 03.09.2014


Jain Samaj Manchester


2014.08.29 Jain Samaj Manchester - Paryushan 01


2014.08.29 Jain Samaj Manchester - Paryushan 02


2014.08.29 Jain Samaj Manchester - Paryushan 03 - Sadhvi Sampragya Maharaj

The eight days long festival, popularly known, as “Paryushan Maha Parva” is a festival of Dharma Aradhana. During these eight days Jains follow total non-violence, love, and compassion through fasting. The festival ordains the Jains to observe the ten universal supreme virtues in daily practical life. The non-Jains also express high reverence for this Jain festival.

On this occasion, JSM had invited a respected and learned scholar SADHVIJI SHRI SAMPRAGYAJI MAHARAJ disciple of Acharya Chandana ji from Veeryatan, Rajgir, India.

Sadhviji delivered lecture series throughout eight days both morning and evening. Chosen topics were very appropriate for day-to-day life, and kept about 200- 300 people on daily basis seated in a main hall with pin-drop silence listening and absorbing the practical message given by her. It was truly remarkable to see hall full of people past 10:30 pm during weekdays. Each morning session was ended with meditation, which took us all into the deepest of our existence and come back to find ourselves much Blissful, much Lighter and much more Pure.

Each evening prior to lecture, a melodious musical (Bhavana) was performed by well-known singer Mr. Rajubhai from Rajkot, India. Members of Jain community participated with full vigor and zeal in various religious rituals and bhakti programs.
On the 5th day a grand festivity of the “Mahavir Janma Vaanchan”, a celebration of birth of Lord Mahavir was very colorful and spectacular.

On the day of Samvatsari (last day of Paryushan) Jains greet each other by saying “Michhami Dukkadam”. The phrase translates to “forgive my misdeeds”. Following Samvatsari was the Tapasvi Parana Celebration where all the Tapasvis break their fast.

In all the Jain festivals, prayers are offered for the peace, felicity and prosperity (spiritual) of oneself, of society, nation and the whole universe. Some activities are given special importance during Jain festivals like Paryushan and members are encouraged to carry them in their lives.  Giving charity to the poor and the needy; rendering help; giving fodder and water to animals; giving grains to birds; giving free medicines to the sick and the disabled patients etc. in the Jain Dharma, benevolence is given the first place. Sadhviji in her talks also passed the message of education and importance of schools.

After the eight days, Jain Samaj members celebrated the end of Paryushan by holding a community dinner that was controlled by the code of Jain customs and practices. All the Tapasvi (members who observed fasting during Paryushan) were given recognition.

The Jain Samaj is a registered charity based in Longsight, Levenschulme and has played an important role to promote culture and values in the United Kingdom.

Asha Mehta
Joint Secretary
Jain Samaj Manchester

Vijay Patel
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