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Published: 15.08.2014
Updated: 05.07.2015

Editor: Kunal Solanky 

Animals Weekly is a new, not-for-profit press agency and news site. We aim to provide the mainstream media with free, high quality, animal-centred news of the meat industry. Unless otherwise stated, we waive the copyright to all our news stories. At no charge, media outlets and journalists may reproduce our articles in their entirety or in part, with or without attribution, and without our prior notification.

Animals Weekly aims to furnish citizens with essential information on animal slaughter and address the sparse and lopsided coverage that it has so far received in the media. If you’d like to find out more about our journalistic style and principles, please click here.

Editorial Standards:

We are dedicated to accuracy, transparency and balance. Editors double check the facts of all our stories. The sources of all significant facts are listed in the body of the article and are corroborated in the footnotes by at least one other named, independent source. To ensure balance we always include the impact of a development on those in the meat industry and seek to gain their comment where possible. To read more about our editorial policies please click here. (Please note these are still being finalised and existing sample articles on the site do not yet comply with the above standards)


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